Tourism income per country

Tourism income per country, Tourism plays an important role in the economy and it is a major source of income for most countries around the world. Countries have invested in tourist attractions and infrastructure in their countries to attract both domestic and international tourists. International tourists account for more than 50% of tourism revenue in most countries. 

An expenditure incurred by incoming international visitors on goods and services and sometimes passenger types received in the visited country is called an international tourism receipt. These payments may include airfare, accommodation fees, shopping fees, money spent on food, and entrance fees paid for public facilities.

Countries that earn the most from international tourism

United States

International tourism is an important part of US international trade. The range of tourist attractions, including parks, museums, historic sites, hotels, recreation centers, arcades, and sports facilities are among the factors responsible for an increase in international tourism receipts in the United States. The majority of international tourists came from Mexico, Canada, and Great Britain.


Spain is the second highest-service country in the world in terms of tourism. The number of international tourists visiting Spain has increased over the years. Environmental factors such as favorable weather, romantic coastline, beaches, and 44 world heritage sites were important factors influencing the arrival of international tourists in Spain.


The United Kingdom (UK) earns the third highest amount from tourism in the world. The majority of those visiting the UK went for a holiday, business and study. London was the most visited city in the UK with Manchester closely following. Some of the most famous places that are visited include the British Museum, the National Gallery, the Tower of London, and the Science Museum.

Foreign tourists serve as an economic boost

International tourism is a major source of income that directly affects the growth of a country's economy. The income from tourism can be used to develop other sectors of the economy, such as transport, health, and education. International tourism has also created employment in most countries, especially in the local communities. France recorded a total of 1.2 million jobs created as a result of tourism which led to further revenue generation through taxes. Hotels have also been built to meet the high demand for accommodation in the countries visited. International connections have also been strengthened through international tourism.

Countries that earn the most from international tourism



Income from tourism (millions)


United States
























Hong Kong






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Health tourism in Turkey - Top Destination

Turkey is one of the most developed countries in the field of health tourism. You can read our content for more detailed information about this country, which has the most effective destination for health tourism. So it will be easy for you to choose the best country for health tourism. The convenience, prices and holiday opportunities offered by Turkey will probably be the reason for your choice.

What is Health Tourism?

Health tourism is the travel of patients from their country to another country for treatment purposes. Although the goals of these journeys differ, sometimes the necessary medical intervention in their country can be sufficient.
Patients often end up traveling to different regions for treatment with great benefits. At the same time, the choice of patients who will choose between countries will be many. In this way and more easily they will choose the best country for themselves.

Why is Health Tourism Important for Countries?

  • It is a type of tourism with the highest added value.
  • His contribution to the advancement of our country and city is great.
  • It opens up places of work in new and varied professions.
  • Its input to the country's economy is very high compared to other types of tourism.
  • Turkish medicine and money are investments and resources in Europe and around the world.
  • Being a priority country for health reasons is important for a country's international standing.

Turkey's Position on Health tourism

Health tourism is the largest sector in Turkey as well as in the rest of the world. In recent years, Turkey has made a name for itself in the field of health, due to good treatments and patients who have successfully returned to their country. Doctors and health professionals in Turkey offer the best medicine in line with the patient's request and use the most accurate treatment methods for the patient. Turkey works with the latest technology and provides medicine with the best doctors in the field, so it is preferred by many patients abroad and adds to its success. Turkey's successful and stable development makes it preferable for many patients.

Advantages of Turkey in Health Tourism

  • Turkey is a very useful country in terms of tourism in summer and winter. Due to the location of the region, there are many local summer holidays and winter holidays. This is one of the great contributions to health tourism. It provides an opportunity for tourists who come for health purposes to both have a holiday and receive treatment for 12 months.
  • Another advantage Turkey has for health tourism is its hospitable people. The people will greatly appreciate the tourist coming to the village and will keep the satisfaction of the tourist very high. This makes tourists feel at home.
  • Traditions, natural elements, historical places, tourist spots and cultural heritage attract tourists. This ensures that tourists coming for health purposes receive quality care and have a pleasant and memorable vacation.
  • Another reason why Turkey is preferred by many tourists is that it has a well-equipped, JCI-approved medical hospital. Patients who prefer Turkey, from simple dental treatments, even more serious diseases, can receive treatment very easily and in a short time.


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