Use These Suggestions to Assist a Loved One Fight Addiction

We all are aware of how addiction can be fatal for any individual. Drug abuse can be the worst thing not only for the individual but for their family too.

Drugs can lead to many bad things, and getting help is the only solution for the person to better their life. We have seen cases of people relapsing even after a successful run for a long time.

The friends and family of the person going through addiction must show a lot of patience and understand their journey. We know how formidable it can be to see a loved one struggling, but having empathy will go a long way.

You must be wondering how you can assist a loved one in fighting addiction. Well, it is simple only if you know what to do.

Hence, here we bring you a blog filled with suggestions on how to assist a loved one in undergoing and successfully overcoming addiction with heroin treatment.

1 - Learn about addiction

There are many reasons why addiction can happen. It is much more than just an addiction to drugs, marijuana, alcohol, cocaine, or some other substance. It can be due to underlying trauma, emotional issue, or any other reason. And the ones with such behavioral problems can get addicted to anything like work, sex, eating, or any substance.

Once any person becomes habitual or addicted to a particular behavior, it is more than addiction; it’s homeostasis. And with time, the need and want for the substance remains.

2 - Don’t support them financially

When a loved one struggling with addiction asks for money from you or for you to let them live at your place for free or pay their bills, it can be a way through which you may be enabling them.

They might give you false reasons for taking money from you but understand that all these are ways to fuel their addiction. Hence ensure that you don't provide them with any money.

3 - First, start with yourself

 As much as the one struggling with dependence needs help and recovery, the family members and close ones also require it. The addiction can affect the mental health of friends and family too.

The nature of addiction is very complicated; hence the people surrounding the addict might also need some level of help and therapy as well. Getting therapy can perhaps help you better grasp your loved one's needs, allowing you to support them better.

4 - Ask them to seek help

The support and encouragement of a loved one can be very beneficial for the person. One of the most noteworthy things you can do to help them is to encourage them to seek professional help.

Many support groups and rehab centers believe in the tough love approach, but using encouragement can have the same effects on the person dealing with addiction. You can boost their morale and help them see the light at the end of the tunnel.

5 - Understand that intimidation or guilt is not the right way

The wrong way to deal with addiction is by making the person feel guilty or intimidating them. This can have altered effects on the psyche of the person. Instead, dealing with them in a caring and loving manner can be a better way to approach them.

When you intimidate them, you might worsen the situation, which can have the opposite effect on them. Instead, show them support, love, and empathy.

6 - You should set boundaries

Once you have established that you wish to help them overcome their addiction and lead a healthy, sober life, you start setting up boundaries with them. This can be very hard, but understand that this is the right way to approach things.

Understand that you are not setting up boundaries to change or control them; instead, you are doing so to protect yourself and your family.

7 - Look for a professional help

The person dealing with addiction might not even know what to do. And sometimes, they may not even be ready for change. Hence the intervention of a professional is necessary here.

Professionals can instruct and guide you about what you can do and the options for treatment. They can give you options for different programs.

Make sure you ask multiple questions and clear your doubts about the programs to make an informed choice.

8 - Be involved in the process with them

When your loved one is on the path to recovery, the support and love of the family members are vital in this process. It is necessary for you to understand that if you are not part of this healing process, it can have adverse effects on the person.

Be present with them through this process and be a pillar of strength. This is the time that they would need you the most.

Over to you,

It is evident from the blog that undergoing heroin treatment may have benefits, but it is often incomplete and unsuccessful without a reliable support system. Be a support system for your addicted loved one.

Also, patience and sympathy are the way you can go through this journey with them. If you or your loved ones are in need of help, then it would be best to visit Cooperative Recovery for treatment.

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