Who can clean up a crime scene?

When a traumatic event occurs in a property associated with a crime, it is always difficult to leave it as if nothing had happened. Cleaning up crime scenes involves getting rid of not only bodily fluid stains such as blood, but in many cases also other human remains and signs of violence. That is why it is very important to have a professional specialized in special urgent cleaning with experience in this type of situation.

What is a crime scene?

We call a crime scene any place where a criminal action has been carried out. It is therefore a space or location in which the forces of order must investigate in detail all the indications or traces that may point to the culprit of the criminal act. These are often locations where violent deaths, rapes, or traumatic events have occurred. Although it is important to note that as a cleaning company our work always begins once that of the researchers has finished.

Particularities of working in crime scene cleanup

When entering any scene where a violent or criminal act has occurred, cleaning companies must be aware at all times of the special nature of the situation. Since in all cases they must respect the indications of the competent authorities and begin to carry out their work once the analysis of the crime scene in search of evidence has been completed. In addition to knowing how to deal with the grief that the owners of the property and the people affected by the incident may be experiencing.

This type of situation usually also implies the presence of biological threats due to fluids, microorganisms or insects that may have proliferated. This is especially the case for events in which the victim suffered from Diogenes syndrome or if it took a long time to discover the crime.

In order to get rid of these dangerous remains and return the scene to its original state, it is essential to have the right tools. As well as specific knowledge about the deodorization of spaces and disinfection with specific techniques such as ozone cleaning.

Main characteristics of a crime scene cleaner

Working cleaning crime scenes is therefore not a tasteful dish for everyone. To be able to dedicate yourself to this type of traumatic cleaning in a professional way, it is necessary to meet certain requirements:

      Being an objective person with resources to handle complicated situations such as the presence of remains or evidence of violent acts.

      Work professionally and tactfully in order to deal with family members in the event of death cleanings.

      Have previous knowledge about the treatment of biological remains and the necessary tools to do so.

      Be observant and perfectionist so as not to leave any trace that could indicate what has previously happened in the place.

Chlorine can't clean a crime scene

Chlorine is a highly oxidizing chemical that we all regularly use to clean at home. Although you probably don't know him by this name; since it is an aqueous solution of chlorine that we all have in our homes; It is about sodium hypochlorite, better known as bleach; and as we all know it is a strong disinfectant that we use to clean bathrooms, kitchens, etc.

Bleach, or sodium hypochlorite, is a product widely used in standard cleaning; however, for special or traumatic cleaning, its disinfecting power may not be enough. In cases of particularly complex cleaning, other methods are usually used to guarantee total disinfection of the space, eliminating all germs, bacteria, odors and other harmful elements for people.

Traumatic cleansing with ozone

Traumatic Cleaning is a company specialized in complex cleaning of all kinds. Among our cleaning teams we have personnel specialized in cleaning traumatic scenes, whether they are crimes, fires, and other similar events.

As you might guess, we cannot apply a standard cleanup protocol to a scenario that requires such complex cleanup. That is why our cleaning technicians are fully equipped with comprehensive protection equipment; and they follow a carefully designed action protocol to ensure the total cleaning, disinfection and sanitization of the areas affected by the event. Thanks to the innovation involved in the use of ozone as a disinfectant, we can guarantee optimal results. We know that this type of work requires seriousness and professionalism that only a few cleaning companies can offer; For this reason, if you need a company that is in charge of cleaning up a traumatic scene, we recommend that you count on us.

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