Content Optimization For SEO: Why Is It So Important?

SEO optimization (Search Engine Optimization) consists of a set of techniques that aim to improve the natural or organic results (not paid) of a certain decoration website in the results of Google and other search engines. Its importance lies in the fact that the higher our website is located in the SERP (the first page that shows results after entering a series of keywords), the greater visibility it will have and, therefore, the greater the user traffic to your website. .

Therefore, SEO is an essential aspect in any online marketing strategy. It is a very important tool to capture the attention of our public. Without optimized content, our website will become invisible to the eyes of the search engine.

In this post you will find all the information you need to generate optimized content for your SEO positioning strategy.


Being on the Internet, the simple fact of having a decoration website or e-commerce does not guarantee that your brand will appear on the first page of Google. To achieve this positioning organically, it is necessary to invest in a specific SEO content strategy.

SEO content, optimized, is the result of SEO writing, or in other words, it is the result of applying a series of writing techniques in an optimized way so that search engines interpret our information as useful and updated and position it in the first position.

Therefore, if the content is optimized for search engines, there are more chances of it being positioned.

Why content is so important in organic positioning

What determines that your online store or decoration blog is in the top positions of the search engine ranking is precisely the content. At the end of 2013, Google introduced Hummingbird, a new algorithm that values ​​more those pages that have content that provides useful, quality and updated information for the user.

      Useful. Search engines value more that web pages contain relevant information and that they have data of interest to the user. Blogs are an essential tool in this process because they serve to offer relevant information to the user on a specific topic. For example, if we have an e-commerce or decoration blog, we can offer interior design advice, trends...

      Quality. Content must be provided that is directly related to the company's sector, that has the same common thread, as well as that it contains a good text format and good writing. Search engines penalize content plagiarism.

      Updated. Static web pages, which are not constantly updated with new content, are less valued than those that update their information.

How SEO content is optimized: main points to consider

A few years ago it was more than enough to add the keyword you wanted to position to any text. Currently, and due to the great competition that exists, the algorithms of search engines such as Google change frequently and are increasingly demanding. However, we can establish a series of general parameters to perfect our SEO content strategy and we will tell you about them below.

The main keyword

The keywords or keywords refer to the terms (composed of one or more words) that Internet users use to search the digital world on a specific topic. Through them, we can achieve the desired optimization, so we must use them with sense. For example, if a person is interested in decoration issues, they will search for keywords such as “interior design”, “how to decorate the living room”, “seasonal trend colors”.

Google, through Google Trends, allows you to analyze which are the most searched words in relation to a specific sector at a local or global level.

The first task to perform is to search for the keywords for our content. To do this, you have different tools at your disposal, such as: Google's keyword planner, Semrush, Ubersuggest, Mangools Keyword Finder, Dinorank, etc.

These words must be very well positioned within the contents of our web page, highlight them in bold and use them in the titles. But you also have to make prudent use of them because search engines like Google penalize their indiscriminate use.

The title of the content

As a general rule, titles must contain less than 70 characters and include some of the keywords that will help us position our business or web about decoration. Also, if the content answers a question that the user may ask, state it in the title. Example: "how to decorate a terrace"

The bold

Although the use of bold does not directly impact the reading that search engines make of the web, they are a very important element to highlight the information that may be most relevant to our users. They make texts lighter to read and this can help keep visitors on the web for longer.

In the same way as with keywords, it is important not to make indiscriminate use of them, using them only to highlight relevant information.

Internal links

Internal links within a web page are very useful because they allow search engines to jump from one page to another to more easily crawl the web and, for the user, it facilitates usability and allows immediate access to other content. of interest.

When we link a page with many visits to another with less, we are generating more traffic between them and optimizing organic positioning. In the event that several links redirect to the same page, we will be increasing traffic to a specific point, so the search engine interprets it as interesting content and improves its SEO positioning.

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