Everything You Must Know About Suboxone Treatment

It takes a lot of will and courage to ask for help when going through addiction. Addiction is a slow killer which can destroy all aspects of your life. You become distant from your family and friends and lose focus on the important things in life.

It slowly creeps in and will take over everything; more often than not, the addict doesn't even realize how the drug controls their life. Intervention at such times becomes a necessity.

Thankfully, there are organizations that help such individuals in their battle against drugs. Assistance from Suboxone treatment psychiatrists has proven to help tremendously.

If you wish to know more about this treatment, then you are at the right place. In this blog, we will explore what Suboxone Treatment is and how it can be helpful to anyone seeking addiction treatment.

What is Suboxone treatment?

If you or your valued one is dealing with opioid abuse, then this is your best bet to get rid of your addiction and make way for a better life. It is a drug used to help patients eliminate their dependence on opioids.

It is given to patients in accordance with MAT (medication-assisted treatment), which is an outpatient treatment that will be done by a specialized physician in their office.

When this drug is administered to the patient by the Suboxone treatment psychiatrist or expert, it will help the patient curb the withdrawal symptoms. Later on, it helps the patient refrain from returning to the substance.

Unlike other treatments, which have to be strictly carried out in a highly structured facility, Suboxone can be given in a physician's office, making this treatment available to many people easily.

This treatment is best for people going through opioid dependency and also for people who do not have access to another form of treatment.

How does this treatment work?

This treatment has a lot of unique properties which can help the patient. A few of them are mentioned below-

1 - This treatment will help the patient lower their potential of misusing the substance again.

2 - The cravings and withdrawal symptoms will be reduced by using this drug.

3 - Treatment will ensure safety against drug overdose.

Other advantages of this treatment include that the patient wouldn't find the need to use the opioid or pain relievers. Which in turn means they will be able to recuperate their time and attention on other aspects of their life. They can focus on work, their family, and living a sober life. 

What are the phases of this treatment? 

1- The introduction phase of this treatment starts in a physician's office. The medication is given to a patient if they abstain from the use of opioids 12 to 24 hours before coming to the office.

2- The second phase is stabilization, where the patient has successfully refrained from using drugs of any type. They no longer have the cravings like before and are not using anything else. The medication dose has to be carefully managed at this stage.

3- The third phase is maintenance, where the patient is doing well. The length of this phase can differ from patient to patient. If you wish to know how long this treatment you should work closely with a doctor. 

What is the goal behind this treatment? 

The sole motive behind this treatment is to allow patients to get over their addiction and lead a happy and healthy life. Getting them back on track and teaching them to live a sober life is the shared goal here.

1- By this treatment, the survival of the patient is ensured.

2- There will be a decrease in the use of opioids and other criminal activities which are a result of substance addiction.

3- The retention of this treatment will be increased.

4- The patient can return to normalcy and look for employment options to support themselves or their family members.

5- If a woman is pregnant and is going through opioid abuse, this treatment can help them give a normal birth and have a better quality of life for the patient and the inmate. There are a few special considerations when treating a pregnant woman for opioid abuse.

During this treatment, you will also be provided with psychotherapy, during which you will be educated about the treatment; it will help you understand and detect your triggers and how to manage your withdrawal symptoms.

The psychotherapy will depend upon the patient-to-patient case and is subjective. It will change according to the patient's case and needs. When battling addiction, you would have to be physically and mentally strong, and this treatment understands that. It will provide you with all the education and tools required to combat addiction. If you or your loved one are going through this, please seek help immediately!

Over to you,

We understand how much effort it takes to know that you have a problem and then change your lifestyle. A Suboxone treatment psychiatrist can be your best bet if you are a drug abuser or have a family member or friend dealing with addiction. There are various organizations out there that run these programs and treatments, and one such amazing organization is Cooperative Recovery.

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