Is Virtual IOP The Right Choice of Addiction Therapy for You?

With technological advances in daily human life, the means of medical treatment and therapy have also evolved to accommodate the new trends. Thus, due to changing times and patterns, psychological treatment needs are also changing, and rigorous unproductive sessions are now an old-school pattern.

Now you can receive an IOP or virtual intensive outpatient mental health and addiction therapy program. The program allows flexibility and independence to prioritize other aspects of your life along with your recovery.

Most patients with addiction issues struggle with understanding and accessing all the available addiction recovery means. Some world-famous psychologists and therapists have approved virtual therapy sessions for patients.

So, your addiction therapist is here to guide you through recovery treatment.

To make your decision sure regarding receiving virtual IOP, let's learn in detail what it is and how it will help an addict to recover and not suffer any mental issues.

What is the Virtual IOP Program?

For many people, gaining in-person medicine is not a feasible option or at least not the most suitable one for their routine. Thus, innovative programs have been invented to provide therapy to such patients. The pandemic outbreak has also contributed to introducing this new virtual therapy program.

In-person therapy can be intense and demanding, and it might be an ideal choice for those who need intensive care and management. However, many people struggling with dependence who need counseling can manage independently. Virtual IOP was invented keeping in mind the patient’s needs and wants.

Changing mentally and physically programmed behaviors within a person is hard and thus needs long-term treatment. With virtual IOP, attaining long-term treatment for substance abuse recovery with an addiction therapist is achievable.

What does virtual IOP include?

Virtual IOP treatments are not as involved as residential treatments but are more hands-on than traditionally acquired outpatient treatments. In an IOP treatment, you give 9 to 12 hours a week for the sessions. This will include every form of session, like individual, family, or group sessions. Here are the following things an addiction therapist will include in a virtual IOP session.

  • Psychiatric, medication management
  • Complete diagnostic assessment
  • Cure strategy
  • Individual, family, or group session
  • Medical referrals, if required
  • Support group recommendations
  • Access to the organization’s alumni network
  • Aftercare treatment plan

What are the advantages of Virtual IOP?

How will IOP benefit you? Here's a breakdown of the usefulness of undertaking an IOP program experience.

You can speak with your addiction therapist; they will help you decide the right path. They will also provide an unbiased opinion on whether virtual IOP benefits your addiction recovery process. The purpose is only to provide flexibility to those who need recovery to attend remotely and match you with the correct approach.

Here are the benefits you incur from virtual IOP:

  • Flexibility - The IOP programs were introduced to provide flexibility in handling therapy along with other elements of life like work, school, or familial obligations. While the treatment is the priority, you can't sideline your duties as that's the life you need to continue after recovering.
  • Practice - With IOP, your problem-solving skills become a practical act. Along with the program, you will be leading your life, interacting with people, and dealing with other aspects of your life, including stress. Here you can apply whatever you are learning through your session.
  • Structure - Practically speaking, IOP benefits those who have already undergone residential programs and are looking to return to their normal life but need a program to keep their addiction in control with less supervision and care.
  • Comfort - The most noteworthy benefit of the IOP program is that patients can follow the program in their house's comfort. Being in the convenience of your house helps you approach the session positively.

These benefits you incur from Virtual IOP with the right addiction therapist. But, during the ongoing session, you will join communities and different group sessions on your own, bringing the overall positive outcome of the program.

What are the resources for acquiring Virtual IOP?

If you are satisfied with all the information you have gained about virtual IOP and think this is the right choice of recovery treatment for your addiction abuse, enroll in the program now.

You can approach your admission counselor or therapist for detailed or knowledgeable insight on virtual IOP. They will guide you with professional input on the subject matter. You can acquire more information about virtual IOP through online platforms and recovery and intensive care institutional centers.

Closing statement

If you are not in contact with any counselor or addiction therapist, get your choice of therapist now at NuLease. The institution is well equipped with professionally certified therapists and psychologists working together to help patients' lives improve. To ensure authenticity and reliability, you can also review some previous case studies performed by our therapists.

Get your addiction solution now with our services. Please fill out our website form for more information or to enroll in the recovery programs.

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