Organic reach on Instagram: 3 keys to keep in mind

Can you remember the world before Instagram, Facebook and other social networks? After a long effort, it is possible that you cannot, or that it is very diffuse memories that come back to your memory.

Those blurry years are behind us; Today, it is possible to see how social networks are the center of most digital marketing strategies.

Much has been made about declining organic vs. Paid reach on social media. For this reason, it can be tempting to think that organic posts are not worth the effort. However, there is nothing further from reality.

1. Organic posts build trust

Organic publications allow you to be present, that is, to build trust and establish lasting relationships with your followers. Additionally, they are a true challenge to creativity, because only through differentiating publications is it possible to stand out, generate interaction, and therefore, greater organic reach.

2. Reach is not the only metric you should analyze

Measuring is the first step to assess whether the actions taken are giving results.

Instagram, within its Instagram Insights section, provides important metrics to understand the performance of the publications made on the profile. In this section it is possible to find a large amount of information and data that are of great relevance, depending on the business objective that has been set.

However, there are two metrics that are essential to evaluate: impact and reach.

The impact (also known as impressions), is the number of times a content was viewed, this indicator does not measure people, only views. The same user can see the same publication more than once.

Reach: refers to the number of unique users who viewed a piece of content.

Both can be divided into organic or paid. If a budget was invested in the publication to promote it, the platform discriminates how many impacts or reach come from the paid source and how many come from the organic source.

3. Interactions also influence reach

Other metrics that are also relevant to better understand the reach of a post on Instagram are interactions, for example:




      Profile visits


Interaction and reach are complementary. The more interaction a post has, the greater its reach will be.

Instagram: content and formats with greater organic reach

If Instagram has been able to do something well, it is to create different types of content that manage to connect with different audiences. The formats within this social network are constantly evolving, and generally set the trend in terms of use and interaction of people with the content inside and outside the platform.

Let's explore one by one the contents that allow us to achieve greater organic reach:

1. Instagram Stories, the king of vertical content

This ephemeral format, lasting only 24 hours, has been adopted by all content creators as a fast, interactive and different way to connect with people. It is used as a kind of diary, in which immediacy dictates the pattern to keep up with the information.

Instagram has incorporated stickers into stories, which are a new and fun way to interact with content.

2. Instagram Reel, the next level of the video format

Faced with the growing popularity of TikTok, Instagram decided to cope with a similar format. In a very short time it became one of the most consumed by audiences, thanks to its versatility. Today, it is one of the biggest bets on Instagram, which is why they continue to improve it and incorporate new features, and of course, giving it greater relevance in terms of organic reach.

3. Instagram Live, the social interaction of the pandemic

During the pandemic it was one of the most viewed content by users. It helped people to feel connected, to maintain the human contact and social interaction that was sorely missed during the confinement. Aware of the success that live broadcasts were achieving, Instagram has reinforced the tool with complementary functions, which seek to maintain this format as one of the favorites in 2022.

4. Instagram Carousel, swipe and engage

This format takes the crown when it comes to engagement, especially compared to still photos. The action of swiping to discover more content has given more user participation and has become a window of greater exposure for the brands that use it.

5. Instagram Shopping, the product catalog you were waiting for

The use of Instagram as a showcase or product display window was already established in the social network. 60% of people who use Instagram say they discover new products through this social network. However, Instagram decided to make it official and provide tools that make it more attractive through Instagram Shopping, a place within the platform where users can easily explore products.

6. Instagram Guides, recommendations in one place

Understanding that Instagram is an inexhaustible source of content, the social network created a way to group and organize all the resources that have been published in a profile on a certain topic. In this way, content generators can create albums of publications with their recommendations, so that their followers can find the information much easier. Each guide provides the ability to add an introduction and descriptions.

7. Augmented Reality filters, virtual experiences within Instagram

Filters are another of the preferred ways when generating content and interaction on Instagram. Filters are unlimited and their usages provide endless fun for users. They have also functioned as a way for audiences to experience brands virtually or interact with products or services through Augmented Reality.

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