The Ten Best Mexican Street Foods You Have to Try

Mexican food has the most flavourful and delicious food you can find in the world. From tacos to tamales and every type of snack in between, Mexican street food is sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Mexican street food is renowned for its delicious flavor, vibrant colors, and unique textures. Whether you're a fan of spicy dishes or prefer something milder, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Here are the ten best Mexican street foods you have to try:

1 - Pozole

Pozole is a hearty and flavourful soup that is perfect for any time of day. The main ingredients are hominy (a type of corn), pork, and a variety of spices. The pork can be cooked in various ways, including braising, roasting, or boiling. The combination of these ingredients creates a savory and comforting dish. Some people prefer to add onions, cilantro, or jalapenos for extra flavor.

Pozole is an easy and delicious meal that can be enjoyed anytime. It is a great option for a quick and satisfying lunch or dinner. So next time you're looking for delicious and authentic Mexican street food, give pozole a try!

2 - Tamales

Tamales are a staple of Mexican cuisine and can be found on street corners and market stalls throughout the country. Tamales are a traditional Mexican dish made of masa, a dough made from corn, and various fillings, such as meat, cheese, or veggies.

They are then wrapped in a corn husk and steamed to perfection, creating a warm and filling dish that is perfect for a quick bite on the go. Today, tamales are enjoyed all over Mexico, with different regions having their unique variations and fillings.

3 - Tortas

Tortas are Mexican-style sandwiches created with a soft, round bread called a telera. Tortas are sandwiches made with either a bolillo roll or a telera roll. They can be filled with all sorts of ingredients, including meats, cheese, avocado, and salsa.

Tortas are a delicious and convenient way to enjoy Mexican flavors on the go.

4 - Elote

Elote, also known as Mexican corn on the cob, is a popular street food in Mexico. This dish is made by grilling corn and slathering it with toppings, such as mayonnaise, cotija cheese, chili powder, and lime. The result is a sweet, savory, and spicy snack perfect for satisfying hunger pangs. Elote is also a staple food in Mexican cuisine, with its origins dating back to the Aztecs.

Today, it is enjoyed all over Mexico and has become a staple at festivals, fairs, and among people looking for Mexican food.

5 - Esquites

Esquites are a popular snack that's similar to elote, but instead of being served on the cob, it comes in a cup.

The kernels of corn are removed from the cob and then simmered in a mixture of spices and chili. The corn is topped with cheese, lime juice, and other toppings and served in a cup for easy eating. These toppings provide a nice contrast to the rich and flavorful dish.

6 - Pambazos

Pambazos are another type of Mexican sandwich that is made with soft, round bread. The bread is first dipped in a red chili sauce, then filled with various ingredients, such as refried beans, chorizo, jalapenos, lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese. The combination of ingredients can vary depending on the region or preference. They all have a delicious flavor, and

the result is a spicy and flavourful sandwich perfect for a quick lunch or snack.

7 - Quesadillas

Quesadillas are a staple of Mexican street food and are made by filling a soft corn tortilla with cheese and other ingredients. They can be filled with a variety of meats, vegetables, and spices and are then grilled until the cheese is melted and the tortilla is crispy.

8 - Tostadas

Tostadas are another type of Mexican street food made by topping a crispy corn tortilla with various ingredients, including meats, beans, cheese, and salsa.

They are then garnished with fresh cilantro and lime juice and served as a delicious and convenient snack.

9 - Churros

Churros are a type of fried dough popular in Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries. They are a type of pastry that is deep-fried and sprinkled with sugar or cinnamon. They are crunchy and sweet and often come with a side of chocolate or dulce de leche for dipping.

Churros are popular street food in Mexico and are usually sold from carts or street stands.

They are often sold as a sweet treat on the streets and are usually served with a hot cup of chocolate for dipping.

10 - Tacos al Pastor

Tacos al Pastor is one of the most famous street foods in Mexico. It's a taco made with spiced pork, grilled on a skewer, and then sliced thin to order.

The meat is garnished with diced onion, fresh cilantro, and a squeeze of lime and served on a soft corn tortilla. The combination of these ingredients creates a savory and comforting dish.

Over to you,

Mexican street food is a great way to explore different cultures and expand your palate. It is a convenient and affordable way to get a quick meal on the go. So next time you are craving Mexican delicacies, don't forget to try one (or all of them!) of these delicious foods.

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