Why Should You Choose to Refinish Your Hardwood Floors?

Most people are aware of the fact that hardwood floors can last for a lot of time and are durable. But to ensure that it has a lifetime of beauty, specific work has to be done, such as daily cleaning and polishing. When you do both for a few months, your hardwood floors will look as fresh as ever.

People usually need to refinish their hardwood floors to enhance their longevity. Many search for 'dustless hardwood floor refinishing near me' to refinish their hardwood flooring. Refinishing hardwood flooring is a much better option than a full replacement. This guide will teach you some of the top reasons to refinish your hardwood floors.

What is Wood Floor Refinishing?

When you choose to refinish your hardwood floor, it is like giving it a reset. The top layer of a hardwood plank is considered the finish, and the finish is usually a defensive barrier that can safeguard your wooden floor from further damage. After you refinish your wood floor, you will remove your floor's finish fully and put a new layer on top. When the sanding process begins, damages such as minor scratches and dents can also be removed.

How Often Can You Refinish Your Wooden Floors?

Based on the thickness of your hardwood floor and the experience of your flooring contractor/expert, a hardwood floor can easily be sanded around six times in its life. Hardwood floors need to be refinished every seven to ten years. This indicates that four to six refinishes may be more than enough.

How Do You Know That Your Hardwood Floors Have to Be Refinished?

If your hardwood floors are suffering from the following problems, it is best to consider refinishing your hardwood floors:

       Scratches, dents or gouges

       Hard to remove stains

       Discoloration and fading due to the sun

       Water damage

Refinishing Your Hardwood Floors for a New Look

Refinishing your hardwood floor is one of the best options for enhancing the look and changing the colors of your floor. Though most refinishing jobs only need a simple removal or replacement of the current finish of the floor, there are other things refinishing can do. Refinishing can help remove the existing stain to bring the original look to your hardwood floor or floors.

After removing stains from your floor, you can easily refinish your floors using various products. You can choose the products based on color, feel, or sheen. You can choose from a collection of designs for your hardwood floor.

When Should You Refinish Your Wooden Floors?

There is no proper time to refinish your hardwood floors, and as long as the temperature in your house is between 65-75 degrees, you can refinish them. But if you live in an area with higher humidity, you may want to wait before the climate is less warm. Summer can also be a preferable time to refinish wooden floors as people usually leave their houses for a great time period.

Should You Replace or Refinish Your Hardwood Floors?

Before searching for ‘dustless hardwood floor refinishing near me’, you must know that hardwood floors undergo wear and tear with time. They also become warped, stained, chipped, or lackluster, and when your hardwood floor starts to look aged, you can refinish it to bring back its beauty or choose to replace it completely.

What is the Expense?

Price is one of the initial things that people consider in terms of replacing or refurbishing their hardwood floors. The truth behind this is it is cheaper to refinish your hardwood floor than to replace it. When considering the cost of the new wood and the installation, you must also consider the cost of hauling your old wooden floors.

You may avoid this cost by looking to do the installation yourself, but this is not easy, as you need specific knowledge, tools, and skills. This is why people choose an expert in such situations, but refinishing is considered to be relatively easy.

What Are Some Replacement Flooring Options?

If you choose to replace your wooden floors instead of refinishing them, there are various options available:

       Solid hardwood

       Engineered hardwood


       Softwood flooring

What Are Some Questions You Can Ask Before You Opt to Refinish Your Hardwood Floors?

You have to know that not all hardwood refinishing companies are the same; this is why you must ask the essential questions. Before you hire a hardwood refinishing company to refinish your hardwood floor, it is important to ask the following questions:

       How long have you spent refinishing hardwood floors?

       What certifications do you or the individual have doing the sanding?

       Can I view some pictures of your work?

       Can I talk with your previous clients to learn more about their hardwood floor refinishing options?

       Are you the owner of your sanding equipment, or did you rent it?

       Do you use dustless equipment during work?

       Do you use special sanders to sand your floors?

       Can you provide me with a sanding schedule that you will follow?

Final Words

If you want to refinish your hardwood floor, you can type ‘dustless hardwood floor refinishing near me’ to find the best floor refinishing companies. Contact Carpet Specialist Online to opt for the best hardwood refinishing services in your area; they have years of experience in dealing with hardwood floors and have everything with them to ensure proper floor refinishing.

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