Your Compact Guide To Saving Money On Packaging And Machine Knives

As a distributor or a manufacturer, you might know the importance of packaging knives and blades. They play a crucial role in packaging operations and ensure precise slits and cuts. 


However, upgrading or replacing the packaging knife isn’t as cost-effective as people might think. They tend to have a higher upfront cost. 


Thankfully, being vigilant is all you need to do to ensure you save significant amounts on packaging knives in the long run. And this blog, we will take a look at some tips and tricks if you aren’t sure how to be vigilant. 


1- Invest in high-quality knives and blades

Of course, purchasing high-quality knives and blades is going to cost you more, but you gain the benefit of superior materials, better design, and quality finish. Plus, high-quality blades have better resistance to sticking and corrosion. 


A high-quality blade has –


1.1- Better performance

High-quality blades result in cleaner cuts, meaning lowered product rejection, do-overs, or customer complaints. 


1.2- Greater efficiency 

Choosing a high-quality blade that is specially designed for particular works efficiently and boosts productivity. 


1.3- Lower maintenance cost

High-quality blades have better resistance to wearing or tearing, meaning fewer replacements of blades or mechanical equipment. 


1.4- Lower replacement 

Compared to low-quality blades, high-quality blades are easy to clean. 


For instance, suppliers like The American Quicksilver Company bring you a never-ending inventory of blades and knives that have better-cut quality and lifespan. 


By choosing to spend a little more on the knives and blades for quality, you end up increasing the overall efficiency of your production and packaging line. Premium quality blades end up saving immensely in the long run. 


2- Ensure you purchase from a reliable supplier

From whom you purchase your machine and packaging knives matters a lot when it comes to long-term savings. This is one of the reasons why people suggest purchasing from expert machine knife suppliers because only they can –


2.1- Shorter lead periods

Large knife suppliers tend to manage and control their supply chains internally. And this allows them to deliver your custom-made order blades in less than a week or two. 


2.2- Faster order turnarounds

A well-established and reputable machine knife supplier will have more blades in stock to accommodate your diverse knife and blade needs. No matter when you purchase from such suppliers, you are bound to find the products you require. 


And since these suppliers are always on top of stocks, they have the ability to ship products without delays.  


2.3- Added support

The experts at well-established supplying firms have a wealth of knowledge. They can guide you to purchase the most relevant blade for your packaging industry. 


2.4- Customization option

Most knife-supplying firms have started working on customer satisfaction. This means, now more than ever, your concerns are being addressed. Such suppliers are capable of designing knives that make the process at your packaging unit simple and seamless. 


3- Look for value-adding services 

Lastly, ensure to look for value-added services offered by the machine knife supplier. The notion is to safeguard your investment in knives and blades. Look for value-added services like –


3.1- Stocking programs

Many knife suppliers are ready to offer stocking programs, thereby ensuring your bulk knife and blade requirements are met efficiently. 


Such suppliers also handle order books, ensure your stock is filled with relevant blades, and so on. Besides, stocking blades can help reduce customs or last-minute purchases. 


3.2- Specialist coatings

No matter how expensive a blade or knife is, it needs a relevant protection coating to retain the sharpness and avoid corrosion issues. Ensure to work with a supplier that brings you a wide range of knives with a variety of relevant coatings, including titanium carbonitride, titanium nitride, etc. Even Teflon coating to prevent material build-up is crucial on high-speed cut-off knives. 


Hence, ensure your chosen machine knife supplier takes care of such things. 


To be concluded
Remember, savings is not just limited to money. Even benefits, warranties, special coatings, perks, etc., offered by the suppliers can help you make the most out of your investment in the knives. 


Taking care of these three things will ensure your investment packing knife is worth it. 


Also, if you are in search of a reliable machine knife supplier, contact the experts at The American Quicksilver Company Inc. right away!

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