6 Reasons Webmail is Better Than Desktop Email Clients

Many people still use desktop email clients; however, web-based email options are far superior for a number of reasons. Web-based email services permit flexibility and facility, and they remove the requirement for technical or back-end knowledge since the user is not responsive for maintaining them. In this post, we will specifically cover Google Apps (or Gmail) as our recommended webmail service. With this in mind, we don’t only recommend Google Apps for individuals; they are also ideal for small, medium, and large businesses.

Here are our top six reasons to switch to webmail:

1. Professionally manage your email using your own domain.

One of the most beautiful things about Google Apps is the fact that they offer a free service to manage your emails using YOUR domain. Google common DNS is presently the biggest DNS service in the world, keeping 70 billion plus requests a day. From small businesses to large corporations, there is a reason why companies use Google Apps! Google has paid options for your business, but the free account works nicely for many businesses. Another plus with having your email served with Google Apps is that you may manage various users simply. Has a new member joined your team? No problem! Build a new email or account for your new employee in just a few seconds.

2. Access emails anywhere

Different from a desktop customer email client, you may enter your emails somewhere without ever worrying about syncing any. Web-based options only require you to log in, and the comfort is done. This means someone's computer, from somewhere on the earth, is as nice as your personal computer when you check your email. Having email in one place only is not an option.

3. Manage multiple emails in one box.

Many people cannot consider this, but various domains may be streamlined and sent to the common web inbox. You may select the appropriate "sender" to keep it personal or professional, depending on your receiver.

4. Keep good records and never delete an email.

Save big volumes of emails without worrying about backing up your older ones or sadly going through the list to search one when the moment comes. If you keep faith in old messages to get things full, you will need to search for a path to protect and retrieve emails simply.

Accept it; we each keep faith in Google to help us search for pretty much anything we require on the internet. Imagine looking for an email using Gmail. Get the Wise Find feature for your web browsing and your email. Protect your valuable moments and protect yourself from headaches. With webmail, you also get much space, so there is no cause to be worried about clearing out archives or folders to accommodate new incoming mail.

5. Stay organized and work efficiently.

Organization is a breeze since messages are grouped in threads to make going back and forth, or rereading an expository discussion, faster. The appearance tends to be "cleaner" when using web-founded email options, different from the dirty "indented" look that desktop clients with the capacity to group messages at mint time have.

Privately, we hear a large amount of desktop customer users protest that "web-based" emails do not have the common features to help them put their email in order or change it. This is where they are in error. Not at all may Gmail do pretty much each time they peruse at most. Outlook may do so, but Gmail may even do more. Create folders, filter emails, or whatever you require... Gmail may almost certainly do it!

6. How to manage multiple email accounts

If you've ever found yourself in a state where you have various
email accounts to manage, you know how frustrating it may be. You've got to log in and out of all accounts ever, and keeping track of each of your unlike inboxes may be actual bad dreams. Wavebox is the best software to manage various email accounts.
First of all, Wavebox lets you simply add and manage various email accounts. You may add as many accounts as you desire, and Wavebox will keep them all organized for you in one place. Wavebox also supports all major email providers, so you can be sure that each of your accounts will work with the software.

7. Access your email offline.

The require to way in your email offline is slim since wireless way in is in reality to be had anywhere. However, few desktop clients talk someone into themselves to stay behind with Outlook since they are allowed offline entry. They cannot be aware of this, but Gmail offers offline entry if you use Chrome!


Gmail and another web-founded email clients are much efficient, dominant, and it caters to a figure of require a desktop customer cannot meet. More specifically, Google Apps has made syncing your email, calendar, documents, and to-do list on various machines easier than ever. It is no surprise that so many businesses select Gmail or Google Apps.
Isn’t it time for you to make the switch?

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