Get to know more about the "Warby Parker" eyewear brand

Warby Parker

Warby Parker is an American eyewear and sunglasses retailer founded in New York City. At first, this store sells its products through the website, but later it opened stores in America and Canada.


The company was founded by Neil Blumenthal, Andre Hunt, David Giboa, and Jeffrey Reeder in 2010 in Philadelphia and is headquartered in New York City. The official name of this company is now Jand Inc. Warby Parker is the brand name of this company.

Warby Parker was originally launched as a startup at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, where the founders of the company were studying. This startup started with $2,500 in funding and was founded in February 2010. 

It wasn't long before many companies and institutions, including Vogue magazine, provided financial support to this company. So that until May 2011, the capital of this company reached 2.5 million dollars. Warby Parker was able to increase its capital quickly by offering quality products and attracting customers. 

This company was able to sell more than 100 thousand glasses in 2011 with 60 employees. The number of employees of this company reached 100 by the end of 2012. The value of the company was estimated at 1.2 billion dollars in April 2015.

In 2016, this company decided to set up a factory of its own brand of glasses with a capital of 16 million dollars in an area of ​​​​34,000 square feet. The factory was finally launched in 2017 with 130 employees.

Warby Parker


The company initially sells its glasses online and through its stores in the US and Canada. The special plan for testing at home allowed customers to choose 5 glasses from the website and try them on at home, and after choosing the desired glasses, pay only the amount and return the rest of the glasses. The ability for customers to upload their personal photos and try on multiple glasses frames virtually through the mobile application was another unique feature that Warby Parker provided to Aynak customers for the first time.

Warby Parker officially started selling glasses online in 2010 and opened its first store in 2013. During the following years, with the prosperity of this business, he set up many physical stores throughout the country in order to gradually introduce his brand in the market. Warby Parker began its first collaboration with Nordstrom in 2015, looking to expand its business even further. This company was able to expand its number of branches to 71 branches in 28 American states by 2017. Does Warby Parker Take Insurance?


Warby Parker now manufactures its own products and sells them directly to its customers through its website and physical stores. This company buys raw materials for making its glasses, including acetate, from Italy and manufactures its glasses frames in Chinese factories with the same quality as other well-known companies, including Luxottica. 

In this way, the quality glasses of this company are offered at low prices, including $95, $145, and $195, which are competitive prices compared to other brands, which helps to sell more and more Warby Parker glasses. has done. Therefore, most of the customers of this company, on average, order more than 2 glasses per year. (1.5 pairs of glasses per year)

Most of Warby Parker's current customers are now between the ages of 25 and 34. In addition to producing prescriptions and sunglasses, this company also produces monocles.

Does Warby Parker have prescription glasses?

Yes, in addition to producing prescription and sunglasses, this company also produces monocles.

What is the reason for the popularity of the Warby Parker brand?

This brand was able to significantly reduce the price of their glasses and bring good social elements to their company brand. In this way, he sent the customer's favorite glasses to him through his online store and the customer could try these glasses on his photo; in this way to buy the best glasses. Because the customers had the right to choose and bought the glasses at the right price, the sales of this company also increased.

Does the Warby Parker brand have a mobile app for testing glasses?

Yes, you can download and use the application for your mobile phone. One of the unique features of this app is that it allows users to choose the most suitable glasses based on their faces.

Are Warby Parker glasses produced by this company?

Warby Parker now manufactures its own products and sells them directly to customers through its website and physical stores. The company buys raw materials for its glasses, including acetate, from Italy and manufactures its frames in Chinese factories with the same quality as other well-known companies, including Luxottica.

A look at some great companies with great organizational cultures

Having a good business culture is no longer an option. Today, employees think about this as much as they care about their salaries and benefits. In fact, businesses are expected to have a proper organizational culture along with the traditional process. While the culture of one company may not be applicable to another company, you can learn a lot as a manager from companies that have the right culture and implement it in your company. Remember that having the "right culture" can make your employees feel safe.


Zappos is an online shoe company known for its culture as much as its business. What is the culture of this company? This culture starts with a proper interview, which is half of whether the person will be hired. If Zappos decides after a week that the job is not suitable for its newly hired employee, it will offer the new employee $2,000 to quit. 

There are 10 core values ​​​​in this company that are instilled in each member of the work team. Employees are not selected through company policies, but those who have passed skill tests and demonstrated their ability. At Zappos, part of the budget is allocated to building the work team and improving the culture.

Great benefits, a fun workplace, and a commitment to customer satisfaction epitomize the Zappos culture. When you have the right culture for your business, providing good customer service and being a good brand will happen. Zappos hires its employees based on the culture it has, and what the managers of this company are looking for is who fits this culture, all of which will lead to customer satisfaction.


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