How to close a Chase Bank account?

Competition between the most popular banks in the US has been increasing for consumers. That's why now you can access a free checking account or open a high-yield terror account that really multiplies your money. If Chase's hidden fees and charges don't convince you, you don't need to open so many accounts, just wait until the end! We'll tell you how to close a Chase Bank account in just a few steps.

At other times, opening an account at Chase Bank may be something of a good idea. But let's face it! Anyone can change their mind.

Bottom line, keeping an account with a minimum balance of could leave you with less than $330 a year in your pocket. The need to summarize monthly service fees, charges for bank transfers, an annual percentage of income (interest rate) that does not meet your expectations, among other things.

As you can see, there are many reasons to close your Chase savings account, and it doesn't always have to do with the strength or quality of the bank. Simple, you might be interested in a bank that pays more interest in the United States or perhaps covers fewer fees and charges, like credit unions or online banks.

Can I close my Chase Bank account online?

Yes, in fact it is the easiest way to do it. To close your account:

      Visit the Chase Bank online platform and sign in using your credentials.

      Once in your account, open the options menu and select “Secure Message Center”.

      You will then see a list of solutions. Within this range I discovered a request to close an account.

      After clicking there, Chase will ask you a series of questions. indicate which account you want to close, a reason to close, and that's it!

If you have completed all the steps, within 1-2 business days maximum, you will receive a communication from Chase Bank with the following procedure to complete the account closure. Luckily, we're not working on something too complicated.

A bank representative will call you to verify your identity. I could also ask you the reason for the ceremony; They are to find out if there are other types of bank accounts at Chase that are better suited to your new needs: certificates of deposit, credit cards, retirement plans, etc.


In other words, treat her like a customer! It is up to you to accept and ask for the requirements to open a Chase Bank account (a different one than the one you have now, of course) or to stick with your decision and kindly ask for the full bill of the account.

 Note. Getting your Chase Bank account online is fairly quick and the account can take 3-5 days after completing the application. Keep this in mind before opting for this option.

Close a Chase Bank account by phone: 1-855-280-4198

You can call Chase Bank's Spanish phone number 1-855-280-4198 to order the closure of your bank account. That's all: before using your phone, we recommend that you have a couple of important pieces of information to hand, such as:

      you close to be born

      Your Chase account number

      Registered email address

The bank agent may ask a few additional questions to prove your identity and confirm that you are not a victim of credit card fraud or any other similar crime. What could I ask you? Anything that only you knew, how many bank accounts you have in the financial institution, your Chase username, if you have or in active chakras, among others.

After verifying your identity, the representative will proceed to order the closure of your account. In 1 or 3 business days the entire process must be completed.

Closing a Chase Bank account in person

The quickest - but also the most annoying - way to close a Chase account is directly to the bank of your choice.

You can use this online tool to find the nearest branch to your home or shop and thus save a lot of time. Before you leave home, check our “Chase Bank Hours” article to make sure the branch is open. Otherwise, you will have to come back another day.

If you want to minimize the waiting time and make things even easier, we have a solution: close your account with a previous quote. Getting a quote at Chase Bank is not difficult and will give you access to personalized attention.

Tips for Closing Your Chase Bank Account

We want to leave you with some tips to help you close your Chase Bank account easily, quickly and without headaches. Before requesting account closure, make sure that:

      Open an alternative bank account. Compare different gift options with the best savings tips, a good money market account or perhaps a child savings account that convinces you more than the one you already have. There is also the option of using an activated bank account as a recipient of funds.

      Eliminate affiliations and automatic payments. Canceling an automatic payment is fairly easy to do. Sign in to Chase to remove recurring payments and take the opportunity to transfer to the other bank. Also check your streaming subscriptions, computer programs, cable TV, etc.

      Leave your account balance at zero. Before downloading, download account statements so you can do taxes in the future. It also verifies that there is no bank balance pending payment. When you are up to date, transfer the balance to another account in your name. Transferring money from Chase to Bank of America or another US bank is not complicated. In most cases, you will only need the ABA. You can even send Zelle dinners from one account to another completely free!

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