How To Create Eye-Catching Instagram Reels To Go Viral And Boost Your Brand?


Instagram Reels have quickly become a go-to way for businesses to create eye-catching content to boost visibility on the app. With the ability to use different features and tools to make your Reel more engaging, Instagram Reels can be a powerful way to get your content noticed, increase reach, and grow your brand.

Instagram Reels offer a variety of benefits for businesses, including the ability to engage with their audience in a fun and creative way, the opportunity to be creative with content, and the ability to reach more people. It is a great way to create content that stands out and stands apart from the competition.

The main objective of creating eye-catching Instagram reels is to attract more viewers, increase engagement, and grow your brand. With the proper techniques, you can ensure your content is seen by the people who are most likely to be interested in your offering. In this article, we'll detail a few tips to help you create eye-catching Instagram Reels that will go viral and boost your brand.

# Begin With A Strong Punch

Creating an eye-catching Instagram Reel is essential for any brand looking to boost its presence and go viral on the platform. Whether you're a small business or an established brand, having a solid punch in your Reel is the best way to grab your viewers' attention. It can be tempting to go straight for the visuals when creating your Reel, but having a solid punch at the beginning of your Reel will ensure that your viewers are hooked from the start.

When starting a reel, consider starting with a clear and concise statement about the topic of your Reel. This can be a question, an impactful quote, or even a funny statement that sets the tone for your Reel. You want to ensure your viewers are interested in your Reel.

In addition to a solid opening statement, you should create a catchy headline for your Reel. This headline should be short, snappy, and indicate what your Reel will be about. It should also be eye-catching enough to draw people's attention. Additionally, you should include relevant hashtags in your headline to help your Reel reach a larger audience.

When you're creating your Reel, you should also consider the length of your Reel. An effective reel should be no longer than 15-30 seconds, as longer reels tend to lose viewers' attention. Keep your Reel concise and to the point, as viewers are more likely to stay engaged if the content is relevant and concise.

Finally, add a compelling call to action at the end of your Reel. This will help to direct your viewers to take the next step, such as visiting your website, following your social media profiles, or downloading your app. A compelling call-to-action will help to convert your viewers into customers and obtain more impressions on your Instagram Reels.

By beginning with a strong punch, you can ensure your viewers are engaged and invested in your Reel.

# Make High-Quality Vertical Video

In this day and age, presenting a high-quality product is a must. When it comes to Instagram Reels, the same concept applies. You want your Reels to be attractive and captivating. This means that creating Reels with high-quality videos is essential.

The first step to creating a high-quality video for your Reel is to ensure the video is in vertical format. As Instagram Reels are full-screen vertical videos, you want to ensure your video is oriented similarly. To do this, you may have to make slight edits or adjust the ratio of your video.

You also want to make sure that your video is crisp and clear. If you use a digital camera or phone to take your video, try to shoot in 4K or 1080P quality. This will ensure that the video will be of the highest quality when uploaded. Additionally, make sure that your video is well-lit so that the colors are vibrant and the people or products you show in the video are visible.

Not only is the video quality important, but the angles are also critical. To make a professional-looking video, make sure that you use different angles to switch up the shots. Utilizing close-ups, mid-shots, and wide shots will create a visually appealing video.

By creating a high-quality vertical video, you will be able to boost the overall views of your Instagram Reel. This will help make your Reel stand out and give it a professional look, setting it apart.

# Jump On The Latest Trends

When creating eye-catching Instagram Reels, pay attention to stay up-to-date on the latest trends. From color palettes to music choices to editing effects, trends can make a huge difference in your Reels' success. Therefore, keeping your ear to the ground and staying abreast of the latest trends is highly recommended.

To keep up with the latest trends, look no further than to the Reels of the biggest influencers and brands in your niche. Observe what they are doing and note how they use specific techniques to make their Reels stand out. Once you know the trends, you can apply them to your Reels. That way, you can make sure your Reels look fresh and modern while still being uniquely yours.

In addition to keeping up with the latest trends, you should also take note of the trends that have exploded in recent weeks. For instance, if there's a particular filter or transition that everyone is using, take a closer look at it and see if it might work for you. Similarly, if a specific type of music has been used in many Reels lately, consider using it in your Reels.

Finally, don't forget to consider specific trends unique to your niche. Doing some research on Instagram or other social media platforms can help you stay informed about the latest trends specific to your industry. This way, you'll be able to tailor your Reels to allow them to resonate with your target audience.

By keeping up with the latest trends on Instagram and elsewhere, you can ensure that your Reels are visually appealing and up-to-date. This can help you create Reels that stand out and get more followers on Instagram. Ultimately, taking the time to stay informed on the latest trends will help you create eye-catching and memorable Reels, giving your brand a boost.

# Employ Customized Thumbnails

A high-quality thumbnail is essential for creating eye-catching Instagram Reels with viewers clicking and engaging with your content. Thumbnails are the first thing people see when scrolling through their feed and should be just as eye-catching as the Reel itself. To create a custom thumbnail, you should use an image or graphic that reflects the theme of the Reel and stands out from other content.

You can add text to your thumbnail to make it even more appealing. Additionally, you should stick to a consistent color palette and design elements to create a recognizable style for viewers. Doing so will help your content stand out and encourage viewers to click and engage with your Reels.

# Utilize Viral Soundtracks

If you're looking to go viral on Instagram Reels, the soundtracks you use are an integral part of the equation. Choosing the right track to get people's attention and draw them into your content is essential.

The soundtracks you use can be instrumental, vocal, or a mix of both. If you're aiming for a mainstream audience, select a popular and trending track. You can also search for trending tracks by genre or mood. If you're targeting a specific niche, look for popular songs in that market. Additionally, you can make use of royalty-free music that is available online.

Be creative with your chosen soundtrack, and consider ways to stand out. Find unique soundtracks to complement the visuals in your Reels and create an atmosphere that resonates with your target audience. Additionally, you can shift the video's focus by including a unique sound or voice-over at the beginning of the Reel. Also, remember that you should be able to control the volume of the music so that it doesn't drown out the voice or other sound elements in the video.

You can also create your soundtracks or remix existing ones to make them unique. Numerous tools and apps available online can help you create and edit soundtracks. Take advantage of these tools and create distinctive soundtracks to make your Instagram Reels more captivating.

Finally, ensure you get the appropriate licenses when using copyrighted music. It's essential to follow all the relevant regulations and laws to ensure that you don't get into any trouble.

Using suitable soundtracks can help capture your audience's attention and make your Instagram Reels more memorable. Keep these tips in mind and craft the perfect soundtrack for your Reels.

# Add Subtitles In Your Reels

Adding subtitles to your Instagram Reels can be one of the most effective ways to ensure your content is seen and heard. Subtitles provide viewers with another layer of understanding, making them more likely to watch your content all the way through. Not to mention, subtitles make your content accessible to more viewers who may not be able to hear or understand the audio.

When adding subtitles, keep them concise and easy to read. You want to be sure that viewers can understand what the subtitles say without pausing and re-reading them. Additionally, you can use subtitles to add an extra layer of humor or creativity to your Reel, making it even more eye-catching and memorable.


Whether you're a professional or starting, creating eye-catching Instagram Reels can help you build your brand on the platform. With Instagram Reels, it's easy to make your content stand out from other videos and content.

In this blog, we have seen some tips that you can use to create attractive Instagram Reels that will go viral and boost your brand. However, it is essential to remember that creating great content is only part of the process – you also need to ensure that you have an excellent promotional strategy in place to ensure that your Reels reach the right audience. By following these tips, you can ensure that your Instagram Reels are seen and shared by the right people.

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