4 Methods for Removing Stains and Scratches from Laminated Doors

Laminated doors are one of the most popular modern furnishings. Most of the home décors include laminated doors while designing the house or office space. Laminated doors have several advantages over the solid wood and ply used for furnishing. Laminated doors are resistant to moisture, viruses, and bacteria and hence do not get damaged easily. The lamination also protects the door against scratches, smudges, and stains. They can be cleaned easily. Laminated doors come in a variety of patterns, textures, and styles. Though they do not get stained and scratched easily but still if they get any, it is quite easy to remove.

Methods of Removing Stains and Scratches from Laminated Doors

It is one of the best qualities of laminated doors that they don't get damaged easily. If they do get damaged, then also it is quite easy to clean them. Following are some tips to remove stains and scratches from laminated doors:

  • Use various types of cleaners

There are a variety of cleaners available in the market which can be used regularly to clean scratches and stains. Scratches and stains do not appear instantly after they get on the lamination; rather appear after some time. By the time they become noticeable, it becomes difficult to remove them. So laminated doors should be cleaned regularly at suitable intervals with cleaners, even if the stains and scratches are not visible to remove them. Variety of cleaners like liquid cleaners, cream cleaners, and powdered cleaners. Liquid cleaners are safe to use regularly. If the stains or scratch is deep and doesn't get removed using the liquid cleaner, then cream cleaners should be preferred to clean them. While cleaning the laminates, do not rub the cleaner vigorously; rather, clean lightly to avoid the formation of new scratches.

Frequent use of cleaners can also damage the texture and colour of the laminate, so use cleaners only when scratches are there.

  • Avoid harsh chemicals and sharp objects

While wiping the laminated doors, do not use strong chemicals to remove the scratch and stains. Scouring pads, black soaps, bleaching agents, and cleaners with acids and alkalies should be avoided from usage on the laminated doors. Keep the door protected against sharp objects to reduce the possibility of scratch formation on the door. Use a soft cloth for cleaning the door with a cleaner, and do not use sharp, abrasive objects on the door.

  • Wipe the stains immediately

As soon as the door gets any stain, wipe it at that instant only. If the stains remain on the door for a longer time, it gets dried, and then its removal becomes tough. To avoid this, wipe the doors on a regular basis. It is not necessary to use a cleaner every day but simply wipe it using a damp cloth. Do not soak the cloth completely in the water while cleaning the door; rather, only dampen the cloth and clean the door. Water also damages the lamination of doors. After wiping the door with a damp cloth, wipe the door again with a soft, dry cloth to remove the water and moisture present after cleaning with a damp cloth.

  • Applying scratch removal products

Small and light scratches can be easily removed for laminated doors using the right cleaner, but if the scratch is long and deep, then scratch removal products can be used to fill up the scratch. You can use touch-up pencils or crayons and fill up the scratch to conceal it, burn-in sticks which enable you to fill the scratch with melted resin, putty, which is extremely useful for filling deep scratches and covering them up, or wax that can be melted and poured on the scratch to fill it. These scratch-removal products must be used with utmost care to avoid any blunder. Otherwise, the scratch may become even more difficult to hide.

Stains and scratches affect the door design of the laminated doors. Abrased lamination looks extremely awful and also hampers the quality of the lamination. Thus, if you want to maximize the life of your laminated doors, then it is mandatory to clean them regularly.


Usually, laminated doors are not prone to much damage, and this risk gets even reduced if you are buying the laminated doors from brands like CenturyLaminates, whose laminated doors are stain resistant and are very less likely to develop stains and scratches on them. Their laminated doors are also heat and moisture-resistant, which makes them durable and strong. The doors come with a 7-year warranty which even makes your purchase worthwhile. In case of any serious damage to your laminated doors, you can freely reach out to them to solve your problem. All these benefits can be availed by consumers at a very affordable price range.

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