How to Save Gmail as PDF? A Simple and Easiest User Guide

Summary: Users always have a query “How do I convert Gmail to PDF?” In this post, we will elaborate the solution to this problem. Users can save Gmail as PDF without any data altering. We have elaborated all the the supposed methods that are going to be used in the process to export Gmail emails to PDF. Each method has separate advantages.

Why People need to convert Gmail into PDF?

There could be many reasons behind the conversion of Gmail into PDF. You should always have a copy of your data as a backup. This particular activity can save you from a big mishappening. We will discuss here.

1-Keep safe yourself from cyber attacks

Cyber crimes are increasing day by day. Attackers can breach your data and use it for criminal activities. Having a backup of your data is always beneficial. In the case of a cyber-attack, you will have a backup in the local hard drive. It would be a plus point toward the security of your Gmail account. Many institutes keep backup due to the vulnerability in the account. It can improve the customer experience.

2-Secure and reliable in terms of usage

Security is the main component of the data. Breachable data would be the most dangerous factor about any organization. Other file formats are not considered as secure as PDF. It has a single layer of security called a password protection feature so that nobody else can see your document.

3-PDF is easy to use

As the name states “Portable document format”, It is easy to use and a very user-friendly interface.

4-Create a better communication

Communication can be considered as a second main component after security. Gmail backup in PDF helps to organize the communication. Users can save the email in a single pack as a PDF, and send it to the colleagues. It will be easy to search and store

 5- Storage saver

This format Is considered as a storage saver. PDF has the utility to increase or decrease the file size without data altering. It saves the data in the same format that it was sent in so that storage can be saved.

Must read the post completely to pick the right solution to your problem. In this post, we will discuss two methods.

1- Manual method to Export Gmail Email to PDF

In this method, users can save their emails in PDF format using the Gmail interface.

All the processed steps are mentioned below

      In the first step sign in to your Google Account.

      Now open each and every email and click vertical ellipses.

      Choose the Print option to further process.

      Select the suitable option from the destination option as per your needs.

      Choose the Save as PDF option to save Gmail as PDF.

      Click the Save option to the further process

      The final step is to choose the location on your PC and save the PDF file.

Now the manual method has been completed. Through this process, you can convert your Gmail data safely into PDF format. Every solution has a small problem. This solution also comes with some limitations that we have mentioned below. Let's have a look at the limitations of the manual approach to Convert Gmail email to PDF.

Limitations of the Manual Method to Export Gmail to PDF.

The manual method is good for exporting counted emails. I would not like to suggest this method in order to save Gmail as PDF because It is a much more time-consuming and lengthy process. Users have to open each and every email respectively. Through this process, only limited emails can be converted. If the user has to export emails in bulk, users have to use the professional method.

2- Professional Method to Save Gmail as PDF

The best solution to export Gmail to PDF in bulk is by using the Gmail Migration Tool. It is the perfect choice to back up Gmail emails to PDF file format. It is the most convenient tool for back up Gmail emails, contacts, and calendars to distinct file formats such as PST, MBOX, PDF, HTML, MSG, etc. Users can delete attachments in Gmail by keeping Emails. This tool provides a quick conversion of Gmail emails to PDF format without any data alteration. Users can save the attachments separately during the conversion process. This tool also helps to migrate fGmail to Yandex, AOL, Yahoo Mail, etc.

Steps to be followed to save Gmail to PDF by using the Gmail Migration tool

      In the first step, users have to Download and launch the Gmail Migration tool.

      Provide the Gmail ID and third-party app password and click sign-in

      Sign in to your Google account and grant the permissions.

      Now select the PDF option from the list.

      In the final step, click the Convert option to finish the process

Advantages of the Third-Party Gmail Migration Tool

1.    Users can save multiple Gmail emails in the PDF file format at once.

2.    It has a feature to save PDFs with the other name using the custom folder name option.

3.    The Gmail Migration tool facilitates various options for a precise backup of emails.

4.    This tool also helps to remove duplicate emails from the conversion process.

5.    It can back up Gmail into many other file formats.

6.    This tool also enables saving the attachments separately.

7.    It also enables to free up server space after the conversion process.


In this article, we have shared reliable methods to save Gmail as PDF. The selection of the right method will be the choice of the user. The manual approach is easy to perform but comes with certain limitations. Therefore, we have shared an alternative solution to export Gmail as PDF that provides results with 100% accuracy and makes the procedure easy and less time-consuming.

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