Top Premium Roadster Bikes in India 2023


Roadster bikes are among the most popular motorcycles in the Indian market. They have attracted much attention with time, and many new motorcycles have been launched. However, this popularity and increase in demand have been primarily evoked by the sense of nostalgia and the efficient performance of a roadster. Roadster bikes can be exceptionally unique if you get some of the premium range. That way, you get the guarantee of superior performance and the option of customising your dream roadster!

Best Premium Roadster Bikes in India 2023

Roadster bikes are known for their quality and attractive good looks, and you can get both aspects in the motorcycles given below:

     BMW S 1000 R

The BMW S 1000 R combines a dynamic roadster and a superbike. Its engine and chassis carry the RR genes, which deliver ultra-preciseness and agility. The motorcycle is a primary example of higher aggressiveness and sophistication. It comes with a powerful engine that boosts each of your driving experience. The BMW S 1000 R also comes with a pro riding mode that can give you full control over all your systems.

Moreover, the motorcycle is known for having some of the most exceptional parts, such as having an endurance chain and lightweight battery that makes for tangible racing. It also comes with a minimalistic front and aggressive rare, with the pure dynamics of the exceptional proportions of a roadster.

Capacity: 999 cc

Maximum torque: 114 nm at 9,250 rpm

Maximum speed: 200

Weight: 194 kg

     Ducati Streetfighter V2

The Ducati Streetfighter V2 is another motorcycle that combines a superbike and a roadster. It is known for being an easy-to-handle vehicle and intuitive for having the right power to deliver the maximum riding fun and feisty performance.

The Streetfighter V2 is powered by the Superquadro engine, operated by the best electronics package. The bike's design is sharp and essential, which embraces a classical style element. The Ducati Streetfighter V2 also comes with the utmost comfort delivered by the revised seat and high and wide handlebars.

Capacity: 955 cc

Weight: 178 kg

Maximum torque: 101.4 nm at 9000 rpm

     Kawasaki Z900

The Kawasaki Z900 has several exceptional qualities, including its great traction control. The motorcycle is accompanied by Kawasaki’s advanced traction control system with exceptional riding performance and three modes that give you a high level of intrusion to suit your preference and riding situation.

You can also select the power mode in this bike since you have low-power and full-power modes that let you control the power delivery. In this case, you need to remember that the low-power mode uses approximately 55% of full power, and the reduced power will differ depending on your throttle position and engine speed.

Capacity: 948 cc

Maximum torque: 98.6 nm at 7,700 rpm

Weight: 212 kg

What Makes the Roadster Bike Special?

Roadster bikes are naked motorcycles combining preciseness, agility, and power. It generally comes with a short front end, sport front-wheel oriented ergonomics and a striking rear end that provides exceptional control. The roadster bike is built specifically for the road, demonstrating its power at every turn. It also has different riding modes and state-of-the-art technology that gives you maximum control around every straight and bend.

The roadster motorcycles are known for delivering remarkable output in every way, and they let you experience every destination up close while being in full control. It’s even better to customise your roadster any way you want and make it yours. 


You can discover a lot about some of the most premium roadster bikes. But it is important to remember that modern roadster bikes also have some sportiness elements. They are meant to be more than just naked bikes, which is why they bring in the exceptional power of a superbike. Such a factor is even prevalent when you go through motorcycles such as the BMW roadsterbike, which has been made specifically to meet your needs.

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