Skills Required for Full Stack Java Developer in 2024

Undoubtedly, Java is one of the most popular programming languages because of its cross-platform abilities, portability and security. It is considered the best language for developing web and mobile applications, IoT, big data, cloud computing and other various important technologies.

Do you know how these technologies get developed or who is behind these developments? Probably they are full stack Java developers.

But what are skills required for a full stack java developer or for such developments?

In this article, let’s learn the skills required for java stack developers. But before that, take a brief look at who is a Java full stack developer?

Who is a Java full stack developer?

A Java full stack developer is an individual who is responsible for complete development of an application or website. The person is not limited with the expertise of one part of the development process but holds an array of skills to excel in each part development including frontend and backend.

Hence, they require multiple skills to perform their task during their Java role and responsibilities.

Roles and responsibilities of Java full-stack developers

Java full stack developers can have multiple types of responsibility which includes:

  1. Team Lead- Full stack developer can work as a team lead for the development projects. As they have knowledge of complete web development, they can coordinate with both- front end and back end developers. 
  2. Developer - Some organisations can hire a full stack developer as a developer to fix bugs or issues in the existing website or develop a new site.
  3. Advisor - The role of a full stack developer can be of advisor. The professional can advise on adding features, help in solving errors and more.

Skills Required for Full Stack Java Developer

1.    Front-end languages and frameworks

A full stack developer role includes the front end development, so they are required to learn front end languages such as CSS, Javascript, and HTML. Moreover, they also require you to learn front-end popular frameworks like Angular, Django, Next.js etc.

2.    Back-end technologies

Backend development technology knowledge for full stack development is also crucial. It includes the understanding of Java language, server side development and required frameworks. Some of the well known Java backend development frameworks are JSF and spring.

3.    Database Management Systems

Any application or website development can be generally divided into three parts_ front end, backend, and database. As, full stack developer is someone who covers entire sections of the development process, the professional requires large database management skills using database management technologies like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB etc.

4.    Version Control

Version control is a system that is used in the full stack development process to track the changes. It helps them to do so without breaking the source code. Moreover, it also assists with debugging and testing functions. The java full stack developer can use GIT, Subversion, Perforce as a version control system.

5.    Tools of Full Stack

Apart from the knowledge of front end and backend language and frameworks, Java full developers need to learn full stack tools usage. Such tools are Docker, Devops, Visual studio code, dev tools, bootstrap, etc.

6.    Communication and Collaboration Skills

Last but not least, communication and collaboration skills of full stack development is the core skill. It helps them engage with tem, tell the output of the project to clients. Imelent and understanding the requirements of website development, allows them to share their challenges, which is a crucial part of website development.

If you want to be a full stack developer with the Java programming language, you'll need to work on these skills and improve it. Java developer is one of the oldest technical professions. 

Are full-stack developers in demand in 2024?

Yes, with a large number of Java communities the Java programming language and its professionals are highly in demand. Whether it’s about working in MNCs or IT startups, they require a full stack developer at different roles in the organisation.

According to the statistics of Linkedin, since 2015, the demand for java developers is increasing by 35% each year. By 2024, it’s expected to increase the vacancy for java stack developers by 20,000.

Since, the java full stack developer includes several skills, they have a wide perspective of career opportunities and roles. According to the location and the chosen job role,  the demand for Java stack can fluctuate.

Salary of full stack developer

Since the programming language is high-in demand, it lets you earn a competitive salary. The average Java full stack salary in India is ₹ 6.9 Lakhs. However, the salary can highly impact from which location you’re working from, your company, your job role & responsibilities, experience, and your interview & test rounds.

Moreover your skills during the job interview and work process also affect your salary. If you're skillful enough, a good company can recognise it and give your appraisals.

The Bottom Line

Java full stack development is a profession that can offer you a lead role, high-paying salary, and career stability. As the language is ever-evolving, it will continue to stay demanded. Hence, you can consider Java full stack development as a career option. However, you must remember to acquire essential skills to make an established career in the field.

You can learn Java full stack development skills with the help of Youtube videos, online resources or by enrolling yourself with an IT training institute.

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