How Schema Markup Boosts SEO Rankings?

Schema markup is one of the most powerful tools that can be used to improve your website’s online visibility on search result pages. Still, many people overlook the advantage of scheme markup.

Do you know that websites with schema markup rank four positions higher than the ones not using schema markup? If you want to rank ahead of your competitors, you must implement schema to your website.

Schema markup influences online visibility and CTR, boosting the overall SEO game of the website. But how?

We’ll address this question in detail, before that let’s understand the basics. 

What is Schema Markup?

Schema markup is a structured HTML code designed to clarify search engines about the purpose of particular content on a web page. This code is very helpful to Google crawlers to present the most accurate and precise results to the user as per the user’s search intent.

Schema markup provides additional context about every type of content on your web page. Let’s say, your website is about Chinese cuisine, and you have different Chinese recipes. Implementing schema markup will tell Google crawlers that this web page has a recipe for this particular dish.

Now Google knows what’s on this page, whenever a user searches for that recipe, Google will display it in rich snippets. Ultimately, leading to more visibility and engagement.

If you are thinking about how this code will appear to your users on the website, don’t worry, your users won’t be able to see this code. Schema markup is only for search engine bots to understand what is available on your web pages and how to use this information effectively.

We hope now you are familiar with schema markup and how it is beneficial for your website, now it’s time to see how you can add schema without putting much effort.

How To Implement Schema Markup On a Webpage?

Well, it isn’t a difficult task at all. You can opt for any method depending on your level of expertise and your convenience. One way to add schema to your website is to manually generate the code and add it to the HTML file. The other method is to get some help from third-party tools.

If you are a person familiar with coding it’s not something that will bother you. Adding schema to a few web pages will be as easy as pie and you can target each section effectively. However, if the manual implementation is not done correctly, it might negatively affect the entire SEO performance.

The second way is using third-party tools like schema markup generators or plugins, etc. Most people add structured data on their websites this way. These tools allow business owners or SEO experts to implement error-free schema quickly to the websites.

Use Schema Markup Generator Tool

Schema Markup Generator is a very valuable tool for creating structured code right according to the type of your website content.

      Select the type of content (Article, Breadcrumbs, How-to, Job Posting, FAQ Page, etc. ) on which you want to add schema.

      Click on it and fill in the relevant details. On the right side, you will start seeing that a code is being generated for you.

      First, test the code and then copy it. Now, you can add it to the respective web page of your website.

Use Plugins and Themes

If your website is on WordPress, there are multiple plugins and themes that you can use for this purpose. While you are using these plugins and themes, you can add schema with minimal effort. All in One, Yoast SEO, and Rank Math are some of the popular plugins for schema markup. Additionally, Divi, Genesis, Astra, and Schema are some good themes that you can try as per your preferences.

At this moment, you have become familiar with the process of adding schema markup, let’s look over how schema can help you with your website’s SEO performance.

Boost SEO By Schema Markup

It’s no secret that schema markup boosts the SEO of your website as it helps in improving online visibility which is one of the crucial factors to your business success. Let’s uncover a few prominent benefits that you can get by implementing schema markup.

Better Indexing

When you use schema for your website, it helps Google crawl and index your website faster.

But what is Indexing? It is a process in which Google bots organize and store information in its database and then utilize it accordingly. Proper content indexation will help Google serve the most appropriate information to the users.

In short, implementing schema will help Google spiders understand everything on your web pages, this way Google will rank you on the SERPs, and the chances become higher that users will click on your website.

Featured Snippet

Sometimes Google presents the answer to your query in the form of text at the top of the search result page. That text is referred to as a featured snippet. Even sometimes, Google uses its voice feature to read that entire text as well. Here’s an example of a featured snippet on Google.

If you successfully optimize your content for this top feature of SERPs you can get ranked whenever a user searches for that specific query.

Featured snippets are very important from an SEO aspect, because of their position. That’s why most SEO masters strive to optimize their website content to land on featured snippets and schema markup is one of the most smooth and easy ways to do so.

Rich Snippets

Rich snippets are also one of the most significant elements, amplifying your website’s SEO performance. You can get rich snippets by adding schema to your content. These information-rich snippets are displayed on the top of the SERPs, increasing the prominence of your website on search result pages.

The above example indicates that the following websites have added schema to their web pages with ‘’pumpkin pie recipe’’. If you also apply schema markup, your search listing will dominate, and you will get more clicks and traffic on your website.

Better Credibility Level

Schema can help you achieve a better credibility level for your searchers. If your business website appears among the top local searches and has good ratings and feedback, it will enhance their level of trust in your business, even though, the user hasn’t availed of your services.

It’s a fact that people tend to click those websites that showcase their reliability in some way.

If you are using review schema on your website and whenever your site appears in the top search results, it will show your previous customer reviews. This will build trust and they will prefer to visit your site rather than your competitor’s website.

You can add other types of schema as well based on the type of your business. If you are selling any products on your website, use product schema. All these efforts will drive more traffic to your website and you will be able to generate more conversions and sales for your business.

To conclude, integrating schema markup into your website will act as a game-changer for your online visibility and user engagement. With the power to influence your rankings, enhance indexing, secure featured snippets, and display rich snippets, schema markup propels your website higher on the search engine results.

Schema markup is a key step toward boosting your SEO efforts. If you implement schema markup today, you will watch your website stand out in the crowded digital landscape.

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