Two-Wheeled Elegance: Cruiser Bikes vs Sports Bike

Motorcycle fans may find it difficult to decide between a cruiser and a sports bike. Comfortable postures and styles distinguish cruisers from other vehicles in the crowd. It's only one of the several explanations for why these motorcycles are so popular. On the other hand, sports bikes are an asset for anyone who loves speed and acceleration. This write-up will give you insights into both types of bikes to help you make a sound choice.

Cruiser Bike vs Sports Bike

The following pointers will help you discover the core differences and perks of cruiser bikes and sports bikes:

Riding Position

The distinguishing factor that sets the cruiser apart from other bikes is its unique riding posture. Their seat height is much lower than that of a sports bike or a streetfighter. The handlebars have a pronounced upward sweep and are angled towards the back. The footpegs are positioned at a greater distance than a standard bicycle, resulting in a more comfortable riding experience. You can effortlessly go great distances without exerting tension on your lower limbs, spine, and upper extremities.

Sports bikes offer the rider a forward-leaning posture, creating a profile that enhances speed. They come with aggressive designs and riding positions.


Generally, a cruiser bike often has a greater range than a sports bike. Their larger tank capacity immediately translates into an improved range. Most cruise bikes in India have a gasoline tank size of 20 litres. A larger tank results in fewer fuel stops in total, making them suitable for you if you regularly ride on the highway.

In sports bikes, the focus on design and aerodynamics results in smaller fuel tanks. Riders will have to plan for more frequent fuel stops if long-distance journeys are what they are aiming for. However, if you prioritise the exhilarating nature of these high-speed rides, the compromise on the inherent range can be worthwhile.

Powerful Engine

A sports bike typically has a liquid-cooled engine, while a cruiser has an air-cooled one. Cruiser motorcycles have durable engines designed to provide superior torque rather than power while ensuring efficient cooling over extended periods. If the engine overheats, you may reduce the temperature by decreasing the revolutions per minute (RPM). The engines are optimised to provide higher torque output rather than power production.

It is worth noting that sport bikes have smaller engines than cruisers. They are usually 600cc compared to 2300cc. Sport bikes have high-performing engines with an emphasis on power and advanced suspension equipment. On the other hand, cruisers have powerful engines that promise high torque.

Handling on Curves and Twisty Roads

The geometry of sports bikes is optimised for sharp handling. They are well-suited for tackling challenging curves. Their forward-leaning riding position and precise steering capabilities allow sports bike riders to travel through complex road curves with ease. This advantage sets sports bikes apart from the laid-back handling of cruiser motorcycles.

Pillion Seat

Ensuring the comfort of a travel companion is as crucial as their presence. Most cruiser motorcycles available provide enough pillion seat room and excellent comfort. Both the rider and the pillion passenger will enjoy the excursion.

Sports bikes have a short wheelbase. Therefore, they have less room for a pillion seat. You will usually find an elevated pillion seat in a sports bike, as the emphasis of the design is largely on the rider. It is wiser to assess the comfort level of the pillion seat if you’re planning extended rides with your partner.

Easy Maintenance

One of the major advantages of cruiser bikes is they are very easy to maintain and they have a very low maintenance cost. That means after you purchase it, you don't have to pay thousands of rupees to maintain the bike. The simplicity also applies to aspects like the drivetrain, where single-speed setups are prevalent, minimising the need for sophisticated fine-tuning. Furthermore, cruiser motorcycles often have robust and low-maintenance coaster brakes, enhancing their overall maintenance simplicity. BMW R18 Classic is one of the best cruiser bikes that you can choose if you are looking for something that is cost-effective and beginner-friendly.

Sports bikes may come with a slightly higher maintenance demand owing to their technology, precision engineering, and complex parts.


The above-listed main reasons will help you separate the two types of motorcycles and choose one that works best in your favour. While cruiser bikes offer a soothing and relaxing ride for leisure-loving riders, sports bikes offer speed and agility for riders wanting more dynamic performance. Take note of your style, the nature of the routes you will traverse, and what kind of thrill-seeking adventure you desire. Be it a laid-back cruiser or an active sports bike, the choice is yours. There are a lot of newBMW bike options from which you can choose and start your journey!

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