14 Sunglasses You'll Want to Shop For This Summer and Beyond

Sunglasses aren't just a fashion choice but an important part of our eye care routine. They enrich our style and protect the eyes from certain harm. Exposure to the sun's UV rays can permanently damage the retina, which in turn may cause several conditions such as data damage, retinal degeneration, and eye cancer. Sunglasses with a UV shield serve as a barrier against such harmful rays, guarding the eyes from constant damage. Also, Sunglasses give eye relief and reduce fatigue in environments with direct sunlight and glare. Overall, sunglasses are must-have accessories for those who wish to protect their eyes and optimize eye health.

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14 Sunglasses You Need This Summer 2024

Persol 0714

The retro version of the classic aviators - perfect pieces for both men and women.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer

These sunglasses have been iconic; they are summer wardrobe essentials.

Gucci Bamboo

Distinctive and trendy, these sunglasses comprise a bamboo frame and are a perfect choice for fashion lovers.

Oakley Gascan

Equipped with comfort and durability, these sunglasses are ideal for outdoor presences such as hiking or biking.

Prada Sprintln

Simple and chic, these sunnies will be perfect for everyday wear and add style to your look.

Tom Ford Aviator

Chic and suitable for dressing up and down, these sunglasses are all you need for your next outing.

Maui Jim Bigaso

The polarized lenses are the best glare protection mechanism; thus, they are ideal for water sports or driving.

Warby Parker Cosmonaut

These sunglasses are bold and chunky; they would grab attention with their unconventional design.

Carrera 707

With a keyhole-shaped bridge retro-inspired, these sunglasses can bring a vintage aspect to any outfit.

Foster Grant After Sun

They are good for days when you are at the beach or for outdoor exercises, thanks to their superior sunglass capability.

Persol 9034

A little bit oversized in the shape of the frames, and the curved arms block all the harmful rays and add extra effortless coolness to your look.

Ray-Ban Round

Available in a modern and classic style, these shades can be dressed up or down, and are great for any occasion.

Gucci Marmont

Luxury and style join forces with these cat-eye sunglasses featuring top-rated lenses for any eyewear fan.

Oakley Venice

These glasses are made of high-quality and lightweight material, so they are ideal for athletes or anyone who needs a comfortable fit.

Sunglasses for Different Face Shapes - Round, Oval and Square

Round Face

Let's say a round face is formed with a rounded jawline and full cheeks. This sunglasses shape harmonizes with round sunglasses with curved arms, representing an optimal choice. The glasses designed this way will make the face appear elongated and slim.

Oval Face

Unlike that, oval shapes are the lucky ones because they have the exact proportions of width and length. Thus, they will work classically. Oval face types could find deep-set or aviator sunglasses helpful by emphasizing eyes without making the face look heavy.

Square Face

So square-faced people, what about them? A broad forehead and jawline characterize the faces of square proportion, so they appear to be 'strong' and 'angular.' Round or large-size sunglasses are the most flattering for square faces because they soften the angular parts of the face. These will make the bun-less square relaxed and effortless.

Trendy Sunglasses for Summer

Oversized Frames

A significant detail in the summer sunglasses trend is the oversized frames. Often bolder than that, these eye-catching and stylish frames are attractive to buy, and as a bonus, they give great protection from the sun's damaging UV rays. Your focus should be on the traditional round or square and consider other shapes in between. They're also in multiple color options, such as neutrals, bold brights, and even muted pastels.

Mirrored Lenses

Still, another fashionable trend in the summer months for sunglasses is mirrored lenses. They have a special reflective coating that helps to reduce glare and enhance visibility, making them ideal eyewear to use when engaged in outdoor activities such as cycling, boating, or even walking around town. Not only should reflector sunglasses be prized for their practical benefits, but they can be used to create brand-new head-turners. Develop a large lens assortment in different colors and styles, from traditional aviators to the newest cat-eye shapes.

Colored Lenses

Vibrant lenses are a perfect choice for those keen on a playful item of clothing this summer. In a wide array of colors, from vibrant and lively to delicate and mild, colored ones can completely change your image. It does not matter whether you're looking for a bold and funky vibe or something subtle and low-key; there is a colored lens that matches your style. Select lenses in brighter colors of pink, orange, and yellow, or opt for a more subtle look with pastel colors of lavender and mint instead.

Sunglasses - Timeless Classics

Aviator sunglasses: A timeless style that never goes out of fashion

Aviator sunglasses have been in fashion for obvious reasons since their debut in the 1920s. Pilots' Sunglasses were the first models that evolved into anti-reflective equipped glasses to help overcome glare when flying. Even now, they are a desirable and practical fashion option for both guys and gals. The Aviator is distinguished by its rounder teardrop lens and metal frames that deliver particularly effective UV protection.

Wayfarer sunglasses: Classic frames that suit a variety of face shapes

Created in a stylish and up-to-date design, this collection consists of glasses with rectangular frames and flat lenses. The Wayfarer has undergone many changes over time, while the style has remained the same. The Wayfarer has become popular because of its versatility and universal appeal and thus has managed to be the fashion enthusiasts' favorite from all age groups.

Cat-eye sunglasses: Sophisticated and feminine styles for everyday wear

The cat eye frame encloses the eyes, thus granting maximum UV protection and elegance on top of it. These are flexible to be paired with anything in the wardrobe. Cat-eye sunglasses are the most popular style among female customers, but they can also be used by men who wish to add a chic element to their look.

Power Sunglasses for Maximum Sun Protection

UV Protection

Constant exposure of your eyes to the Sun's UV rays can lead to different eye conditions like cataracts, macular degeneration, and, in worse cases, skin cancer. In consequence, it makes sense to select the eyewear that has UV protection. Power Sunglasses lenses are filled with UV-A and UV-B blocking substances, protecting your eyes from light harm. The lenses are also treated with a UV400 coating, up to the mark for the highest level of UV protection in eyewear.

Polarized Lenses

These lenses are engineered to eliminate glare from surfaces that reflect, like water, snow, and glasses. This is particularly helpful when driving, boating, or performing outdoor activities.

Wrap-around Frames

Side-wrap front frames offer greater confidence and comfort, as they fit and cover the eyes accurately and produce a shield against the sun's rays. Power Sunglasses are unique in that they come with wrap-around frames shaped to your face and soft pad cushioning that provides all-day comfort. Besides, the encircling pattern makes it work better to prevent wind and keep off the debris, guaranteeing your eyes the best shield.


Last but not least, these 14 sunglasses are a perfect accessory to consider for summer styling. There is something for everyone, from the cat-eye style, which is trendy, to the aviators, which are classic. Famous not only for their endless fashion and amazing craftsmanship, these sunglasses will keep your eyes covered from the sun's harmful rays and make a statement. You can be at the beach or even running errands with them, but you'll certainly get some heads turning all the same. Okay, snatch a pair of them and get ready to start summer in high style!

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