Top .Net Development Trends to Follow in 2024

.Net framework is becoming a global choice whether it is for web development or mobile app development. 2023 has proved to be a year where the popularity of .Net has grown immensely and not just the big enterprises but the small and medium scale businesses have also turned their ways towards .Net development. The platform has evolved with changing times and updated itself as per the recent requirements. It is important for the top .Net development company to stay acquainted with the changing .Net development trends and equip themselves with its usage in their next development. Check out some of the top .Net development trends to follow in 2024.

1. .Net for IoT

IoT networks are one of the most popular choices in the majority of companies for security reasons and automation. The need for connected devices is rising due to the convenience it offers. .Net framework allows building apps for IoT devices and sensors. It provides a nano-dedicated framework to build apps for embedded devices. This framework also provides multiple libraries that assist in the functioning of apps with IoT devices. It can be combined and used with Raspberry Pi to manage and control all other devices. 

2. ML .Net

It is an extremely innovative framework that was launched by Microsoft. ML .Net allows integration of .Net app with machine learning abilities. It is open-source, and hence free and available for the .Net developers to use. If you are a business owner looking to leverage the benefits of ML .Net, it is advisable to hire ASP.Net developers who are well-versed with the required skills and can build an amazing app. Build an app that can forecast sales, predict growth, improve experience, and do much more. All these goals can be achieved along with maintaining speed, security, as well as quality.

3. Web App Development with .Net

Web-based apps are in high demand and .Net has always been a prime choice for website development. Businesses as well as developers enjoy .Net for their web applications. .Net is one of the oldest languages and with the demand and upgrades, it is about to stay for a very long period of time. It runs a single codebase and hence it saves development time and effort. Developing a single web-based application, a dynamic web page, HTML rendering, or a user-friendly interface, .Net makes it extremely easy and quick. Even building a full-fledged web application for any business or enterprise is easy with this framework.

4. Azure Cloud for .Net Apps

It is possible to scale up any and every resource from .Net application. Because of the CI/CD approach (continuous integration and continuous development), it is highly beneficial for software development companies to work with this platform. Because establishing confidence with stakeholders is a major goal for any solution provider, Azure's adherence to ISO 27018 standards is advantageous for enterprise solutions. Azure for .Net development guarantees security and scalability.

5. .Net Game Development

The gaming industry is on a massive rise, whether it is in terms of users, development, or profits. It is one of the most lucrative industries and .Net is preferred the most for game development as the framework has all the necessary tools that enable building lightweight games with high-end graphics.  .Net allows buildin  apps on multiple platforms including Windows, and Android, Nintendo, Xbox, and plenty others. This is why .Net framework is in trend and preferred by a plethora of developers.

6. Docker Support for ASP.Net Core

Docker allows you to individualize each service and manage, deploy, and update them separately. You may simply maintain the app's availability with Docker. Docker contributes to increased stability, security, and scalability. It also offers several security features that aid in stopping hackers from causing data breaches.

7. .Net Core Blazer for PWA

With the help of this platform, one-page apps with all the features of desktop software may be created. Any browser API can be used with it for optimal communication. Furthermore, Visual Studio comes with a plethora of pre-made templates that you can quickly edit. PWA app development is free, does not require dependencies, and can be done offline. As a result, ASP.NET Core Blazor PWA applications can offer affordable options.


.Net has a huge community working on the updates and advancements. New trends keep on adding and developers adapt with  the changing trends and stay competitive and relevant. It is imperative to stay acquainted with the latest .Net development trends and update yourself with the required skills and talent. Businesses are looking to develop their software with the trending technologies, and latest features, and companies are also looking to hire .Net Developers who keep on learning new skills and keeping themselves updated.

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