7 Striking Colour Combinations for Kitchens with Lucida Laminates


The kitchen is the soul of every home which combines creative innovativeness with everyday practicality. Colour selections used in your kitchen have the most vital role to play while one chooses a complete environment that is warm and driving. Lucida Laminates by CenturyPly features a variety of energetic and tough laminates that can blend perfectly well with unique colour combinations for home décor.

In this article, we will explore 7 captivating colour schemes that can transform your kitchen into a stylish and functional haven

1. Coastal Charm -

Introduce the serenity of the coast into your kitchen with a colour combo coastal charm. With colours of soft blues and sandy white, Lucida Laminates brings in a sense of soothing calmness. Combining white countertops and backsplashes with marine blue laminates for cabinets results in welcoming neutrality. 

2. Modern Elegance -

If people would like a dusky and subdued kitchen, the modern elegant set of colours is a great choice. Contemporary and modern aura, charcoal grey in grey tones mingled with a metallic silver shade of Lucida Laminates give excellent looks. Laminate cabinets should be in dark grey and take it to the next level by pairing them with silver-toned appliances and hardware. 

3.Earthy Tones -

Get in touch with nature and bring warmth to your kitchen using an earthy tone colour palette. Hues of Lucida Laminates- rich browns, muted greens, and earthy yellows along with brushed plasters’ create a cosy ambience. The recommended colour for cabinet surfaces is warm brown laminates whereby accessories in olive green or mustard yellow via kitchen accessories like a toaster and mugs can be selected. 

4.Timeless Black and White -

Being a timeless colour combo that is always in trend, Black and White provide a feel of classy thus being a versatile element for the kitchen. Pairing Lucida Laminates in jet black for cabinets with pristine white countertops and backsplashes leads to a classic yet chic feel. 

5. Vibrant Pop -

Revitalize your kitchen with the vibrant pop colour pairing. Bold and vibrant Lucida Laminates in electric blue, fiery red, or citrus orange lend a fun element to the space. Available in ardent laminates, they should be used to create accent elements like kitchen islands or open shelves. Ensure that the bold colours used to decorate cabinets and counters are balanced with neutral tones for a kitchen that has high creative capabilities.

6. Scandinavian Simplicity -

Light wood tones and pastel luminous Lucida Laminates give the space an airy feeling. Select soft mint green or blush pink laminates for cabinets of satin-finished light wood-texture-inspired countertops. Fused with open shelving and leafy minimalistic accessories, a Scandinavian kitchen design is mixed to create the impression of warmth as well. 

7. Urban Industrial -

The Lucida Laminates in industrial grey and metallic impulses chart an urban landscape with a distinct element of sophistication. Grey laminates for the kitchen should be used for the cabinets together with concrete-modelled paired pods made of other materials. Add metal hardware, pendant lamps if tiles are used as well as lighting and bricks to finish your design with an industrial style turning the kitchen into a more modern space.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, the versatile colours and textures offered by Lucida Laminates for CenturyPly are a dream come true for homeowners who wish to experiment with some dazzling shades in their kitchens. Lucida Laminates offers aesthetics for everyone; if you want a seaside hideaway, contemporary elegance, nature-inspired earthiness, timeless classic swathes of black and white, or captivating pops of colour that range from the Scandinavian simplicity to straightforward urban industrial ironwork – they are at your service! 

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