Fake Plywood? Not on Your Watch! 4 Easy Steps to Protect Yourself with CenturyPromise


Plywood forms a key component in construction and woodworking projects, drawing all its value from strength, flexibility, and durability. Nevertheless, the emergence of counterfeiting plywood has become a serious issue in an industry where not only builders experience dangers, but consumers are also at risk. CenturyPly, a reputed plywood brand, has come up with an innovative solution, CenturyPromise, to solve this problem. In this article, we shall talk about four easy steps to protect yourself from fake plywood with the help of the CenturyPromise app.

Understanding CenturyPromise

CenturyPromise is an innovative mobile app created by CenturyPly as part of measures to curtail rampant illegal activities involving counterfeit plywood in the market. This app is based on the latest technology and is utilized to determine the validity of every plank of plywood manufactured by CenturyPly. The process is straightforward as users can scan the QR code on a product with their smartphones, and CenturyPromise will provide information swiftly about whether or not that particular product adequately matches what was delivered to customers.

4 Easy Steps to Protect Yourself with CenturyPromise: 

Download and Install CenturyPromise - The first measure to protect yourself from fraudulent plywood is downloading and installing the CenturyPromiseapp on your cell phone. The app is compatible with Android and iOS platforms, which effectively opens up its use to a vast user base. All you have to do is head over to the relevant app or Play Store, search for CenturyPromise, and install as per instructions. Being ready to install means that you’re already up for leaping closer to ensuring the authenticity of your CenturyPly products.

  • Scan the QR Code -

Each original CenturyPly product now has an individual QR code with it. By way of this code, the plywood sheet will have a digital signature by which CenturyPromise verifies its validity. Upon buying a CenturyPly product, look for the QR code on the pack or right over it on every plywood sheet. On your smartphone, open CenturyPromise, go to "Scan," and scan the QR code using your smartphone camera. The immediate correct response will be formulated through the app's processing of data.

  • Verify Product Authenticity -

CenturyPromise has a powerful authentication algorithm that checks the validity of scanned plywood, whether it is a genuine Centuryply product or counterfeit. The app compares the data acquired from a QR code with information stored in the organisation’s database, and this increases product identification accuracy. The process of plywood quality verification thus becomes fast and trustworthy.

  • Report Suspected Counterfeits -

When CenturyPromise detects an item to be suspicious or fake, users should raise the issue using the app. CenturyPly considers these reports seriously, and based on this approach, which is dedicated to each case, it maintains integrity concerning the brand. Thus, by taking an active part in identifying counterfeit products, users help create safer and more protected markets of plywood, saving themselves from the risks related to imitation.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, the presence of counterfeit plywood has been a serious challenge on the floor in both construction and woodworking fields. Realising this problem, CenturyPly has launched the novel app ‘CenturyPromise' allowing consumers to check out their plywood products easily. Capitalising upon the simple steps outlined above, users can effectively manage their level of buyout in so doing, acquire authentic CenturyPly products. CenturyPromise will shed light on fake plywood, and together with the industry, it could finally progress towards a safer, more reliable future.

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