What To Pack For a Weekend City Break

If you are like us and hate packing, then you are wondering how I can not only make this an enjoyable experience but also nail down everything that I need to pack. I believe I have nailed down my packing after having to travel back and forth from my university city back home and visit my boyfriend almost every weekend. Would I need to pack for a weekend in the city of Manchester?

This always seemed like a struggle because we are kind of the go-with-the-flow kind of people so solid plans are always rare. Therefore, I was always left with the question, What the hell do I bring? The answer was always simple so I am willing to go on a limb and share the top tips that I’ve learned to make packing for a city break quick, simple but still, of course, fashionably cute.

First Things First

Find a bag that is comfortable and can hold things. I personally prefer having two. I have one bag with the things I need to be accessible and the rest is full of everything else. If you are like me and just have a lot of stuff, a small travel case is always reliable and easy to pull around, especially if you are catching a train or driving.

Essentials are Priority

The clothes can wait for a second because the last thing you want to do is pack everything you could replace and forget important essentials that you simply won't get on your weekend city break. Make a list and check it off while you pack. I find it easier to make the list a day or two before so I can give myself enough time to think of anything else.

Lay Your Clothes Out

If you know there is a probability you are going out, it’s always safe to have a nice dress or a stunning top you could reach for just in case. You are likely going to spend the days exploring or out of the house doing what I find works for me. I pick a comfy gym outfit in case we are doing a walk or something extra.

A pair of jeans or a couple of skirts, depending on the season. The more versatile the bottoms are you can bring a couple of tops to pick between. If you can, to save space, pick up staple bottoms and the circulation of tops, jumpers and shirts.

Laying your outfits out can help you see everything you are bringing and prevent you from forgetting anything that might be important to the outfit.


Shoes tend to take up the most space so you want to go with something that will match all your outfits. Wear your biggest shoes for the journey there and then add a pair of heels and comfortable trainers or flats to the bag. It’s always hard when you don’t know the plans but if you do maybe start with the footwear up if that works better for you.

Final Thoughts

Packing might not be as big of a deal if you are driving, you could bring as much as you want and just run back to the car if you need anything else, although be sure to park in a safe and secure city centre car parking space. It’s risky in cities to leave your belongings all over the palace in the car; it can encourage people to break in. So it’s best to keep your packing at a minimum, secure and hidden in the boot if you do decide to leave anything.

Planning and preparing for a weekend can help with packing but when in doubt, just choose outfits you like and have worn before to prevent any stress.

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