15 Inspiring Examples of Laminate Backsplash Designs for Your Kitchen

The kitchen and its design give a characteristic look to the home. Besides the overall sense of space, a backsplash is one of the factors that has the power to increase the appeal of a kitchen.

From being durable to being versatile, laminate countertop backsplashes now rule customers' minds for their aesthetic appeal. In this article, let's have a look at 15 stunning laminate backsplash designs for the kitchen, suggested by CenturyPly.


       Classic Elegance with Woodgrain Laminate: 

CenturyPly woodgrain laminate backplates give a touch of classic elegance to your kitchen. This particular design has warmer tones and textures that will give the product a timeless appeal regardless of the prevalent styles.


       Bold Geometric Patterns:

Striking geometric patterns are very much in trend nowadays, and give your kitchen an uplifted contemporary look. With a huge collection of shapes and shades, you can curate a perfect showstopper backsplash as per your need from CenturyPly laminates.


       Marble-Inspired Luxury:

Make an impression of luxury by selecting CenturyPly's marbled impression decorative laminate backsplashes. These simulated marble designs replicate the elegance of natural stone marble while providing no maintenance sophistication without the high upkeep that comes along with the real one.

       Subway Tile Simplicity:

The classic yet durable appeal of subway tiles is a great laminate backsplash alternative. CenturyPly gives you an option for the colours and panels you want to have, which will maintain a clean and simple atmosphere in your kitchen.

       Metallic Glamour:

Elegant backsplashes in metallic laminate for your kitchen will transform its ordinary look into a very glamorous one. CenturyPly is offering the most stylish and high-end choices.


       Artistic Mosaic Creations:

Let your creative juices run with CenturyPly's mosaic-resembling laminate backsplash options. These decors will enable you to use the colour and pattern to express your individuality and to add an original charm to your kitchen.


       Nature-Inspired Textures:

Let the natural world bring its twist inside with nature-oriented textures. A CenturyPly laminate backsplash yields natural materials replicas such as wood and stone and presents a harmonious look.


       Monochromatic Minimalism:

For people who love to keep things simple, backsplashes from CenturyPly are the best. Furthermore, with this sleek and understated design, we aim to create a neat and uncluttered kitchen environment.


       Trendy Terrazzo Touch:

Designing for yourself a revived ceramic tiling backsplash with CenturyPly's laminates can be your motivation in the kitchen. The spots make a statement lending an off-beat and playful element to your kitchen.


       Hexagonal Harmony:

Choosing hexagon patterns can easily spice up a simple-looking backsplash. Hectagon laminates for the kitchen from CenturyPly create the same sense of harmony and symmetry you find in nature and therefore just fit into your kitchen.


       Vintage Charm with Retro Prints: 

Create what you missed in the '60s or 70's when you were a child by installing CenturyPly retro laminate backsplash in your kitchen. Vintage patterns may add flair and appeal to your kitchen surroundings.


       High-Gloss Modernity:

Go for that beautiful look with the high-gloss laminate of CenturyPly backsplashes that is finally at par with the modular kitchen backsplashes. The reflective surfaces add up with ambient light, which makes your kitchen appear lighter and wider.


       Industrial Chic with Concrete Finish: 

For people who are looking for a decoration that is dominated by an industrial-chic feeling, CenturyPly offers laminate backsplashes as they look like concrete. This will provide you with a rustic and modern accent in the kitchen, and it can accompany different kitchen styles.


       Tropical Paradise:

Now you do not just have to be in the tropics to have a piece of paradise; you can bring it to your kitchen by trying the exotic laminate backsplashes from CenturyPly. Incorporating vibrant colours and patterns may help produce an alive and comfy place.


       Customized Creations:

For CenturyPly, each kitchen is individual and distinctive and that’s why, the brand provides users with customizable laminated backsplashes to match their tastes. Be it a concrete idea about a particular colour, pattern, or texture, CenturyPly works on creating that without error.

CenturyPly is the best provider of laminate solutions for interiors of modern styles. Their 15 beautiful laminate backsplash designs presented above celebrate the company's devotion to providing a wide spectrum of variants to meet the different tastes and styles of individuals. 

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