A Complete Guide on Buying Fully Automatic Washing Machines

Fully automatic washing machines have several washing modes and programs you can operate with a single button push. The machine does everything independently; no further intervention is required once you have turned it on. At the same time, these washing machines are a little higher in price than any semi-automatic washing machine. However, their benefits are worth the price since they simplify the washing process. These machines have a built-in heating system to control the hot washing cycle. 

Find out more about the different kinds of automatic washing machines you can get and how you can pick the right one for your household.

Different Kinds of Automatic Washing Machines

Below are the two kinds of automatic washing machines that you can get. 

Top Load Automatic Washing Machines

These machines have a narrow design that allows loading by lifting their top lid. This kind has several advantages since it has a lower cost, lighter weight, wider range, and more ergonomic convenience. You don't have to bend to unload and load the washing machine. 

Front Load Automatic Washing Machines

Front-load washing machines have a door on the front side instead of the top. Its tumble wash and long cycles ensure a better wash quality. It is also more efficient, uses less energy, and has a higher number of cycle settings. At the same time, these can have longer wash cycles than the top-load machines. They are also more expensive and take up more space. So, it’s not feasible to move around your front-load washing machine whenever you want. Instead, you need to have a permanent place for it. 

How to Pick the Right Washing Machine?

Now that you know about the two kinds of washing machines available in the market, understand how to pick the right one for your home. Below are the factors you must consider before picking the right washing machine. 

Family Size

If you have a large family, you need to get a washing machine with a higher loading capacity. That way, you can wash more clothes at once and ensure that your clothes are not cramped together. But you can go with a smaller washing machine if you have a small family or live alone. 


Buy a washing machine that fits the capacity you need. The capacity is measured in kilograms, and it can be anywhere between 5 to 12 kg. 

Type of Automatic Washing Machine

Consider the amount of laundry and your family size when picking the specific machine type. For instance, go with the front-load machine if the household generates less laundry. But a top-load one is better if you have a lot of washing daily. At the same time, one is more energy efficient than the other and the more expensive option. 


Your budget is one of the primary factors that you consider when picking a washing machine. A basic top-load fully automatic washing machine is ideal if you want something more affordable and with enough features to get the washing done. But you can go with the front-load machine if you want to have an energy-saving mode and can spend a little more. 


Buying a washing machine is an investment that will ease your household chores. You can purchase them easily by considering the above factors, but other things also play a part in the buying decision. These include wash programs, technology, energy efficiency, in-built heaters, and setting options. Get the best 7kg fully automatic washing machine that is perfect for your family size and fulfils the purpose you need it for. 

Go over the complete features of a washing machine before buying it and ensuring that it is exactly what you need. If you get a front-load washing machine and your family size increases in the future, then you will have multiple washing cycles, and it wouldn't be as energy efficient. So, consider your present and future needs to get the right washing machine.

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