8 Essential Materials You Can Find on CenturyEshop


Material selection is the most important element in the field of interior design and the architectural industry. It takes two things - visual enhancement and durability. CenturyEshop, the excellent online shopping platform for Centuryply, which provides a wide range of necessary products suitable for all tastes and preferences turns your places into amazing ones.

From the textured laminates to the solid polymer boards, each product on CenturyEshop is a mark of excellence by Centuryply. In this article, we shall talk about 8 essential materials you can find on CenturyEshop.

       Textured Laminates: 

Textured laminates can be used to add depth and character to any surface with a grandeur appeal. From the rustic tranquillity of textured wood grains to the contemporary craze for sleek and abstract tile patterns, CenturyEshop has laminated textured finishes to match every design taste.

       Lucida Laminates: 

Lucida Laminate embraces sophistication through its shiny laminate finish and vibrant colouring. They fit into the contemporary, minimalist style very well and make furniture and fittings more attractive, therefore, it's widely used by both designers and individual customers who want to style their homes.

       Manish Malhotra Laminates: 

The revolutionary product, Manish Malhotra Laminates, is an exquisite range of laminates inspired by the creations of a renowned fashion designer, Manish Malhotra. Their major inspiration is our current couture trends, these laminates are exemplified by the pinnacle of design and high craftsmanship, and, they pay tribute to a luxury lifestyle.

       Veneer Collection: 

Veneers are the best examples of nature's art created by wood grain texture captivated by its authenticity. At CenturyEshop you'll be able to browse the quality selection of the plywoods from the best timber available, each of them distinguished by different features. Take your interior to the next level with the timeless magic of natural veneers.

       Sainik 710 Plywood: 

Being purposefully crafted for river strength and resilience, Sainik 710 plywood is a standard setter that installs multi-purposed qualities from CenturyPly. Engineered from the best hardwood, this plywood surpasses in terms of its stability and durability.

They are waterproof, termite-proof, and do not even bend under pressure providing extreme structural integrity. As a result, it is considered the ultimate option to select for building furniture, flooring, and other countless uses.

       Club Prime Plywood: 

Firstly, the notable strength and flawless texture of the Club Prime plywood, along with its outstanding finish, provide a highly aesthetic touch, which makes many of the spaces using this plywood, the top choice of both architects and interior designers. Count on the quality and dependability CenturyPly offers at Club Prime plywood.


Doors are not just practical elements, but they are statement pieces that give an unrepeatable look to your home. At CenturyEshop, the brand offers a wide range of doors that have been selected with the top materials such as superior plywood with veneer finish and so on. Whether you are looking for a beyond-time classic or new-age style, all the doors are designed for any kind of style you have.

       Solid Polymer Boards: 

These boards change every facet of interior design, and designers consider solid polymer boards as a feasible alternative to traditional materials. Waterproof, anti-pest, and maintenance-free, these boards are very suitable for application in various sectors like designing furniture, wall panels, and many more. Discover completely new levels of solid polymer board variety, that are offered on CenturyEshop.

Final Overview

CenturyEshop is your full-time store for quality supplies and buying plywood online that will uplift your space. Whether you are looking to enrich your space’s look and feel or functionality, CenturyPly has you covered. 

Using carefully picked laminates such as Textured laminates or Lucida laminates, Manish Malhotra laminates, veneers, Sainik 710, plywood, Club Prime plywood, doors, and solid premium boards, CenturyEshop offers you the opportunity to fulfil all your design fantasies with the latest technology and unique style. Explore the apex of the finest and the most innovative products from CenturyPly by CenturyEshop.

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