Why Should You Use Electric Stackers?

Electric stackers are considered the most important parts of machines for various industries and businesses. These are the pieces that help operators to move a pallet from one point to another easily and efficiently. This not only eases the process but reduces space limitations too. While the uses of e-stackers may vary, they offer great benefits to businesses. If you already have a mobile stone crusher in India, you should explore the range of electric stackers once.

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Why choose electric stackers?

Before anything, you should know that the use of electric stackers has increased in the last few years. In addition to outstanding functionality levels, these pieces offer amazing benefits. Some of them have been listed here:


Electric pallet stackers are designed to be utilized and nimble in different storage settings. Some of them are designed with a special pedestrian platform wherein operators can easily stand comfortably while operating it. In addition to this, the latest or modern-day technology allows the stackers and crusher manufacturers in India to utilize the innovation and design stackers in different weight loading capacities and sizes. As a result, they can be chosen to fulfill different industrial needs.


      Eco-friendly and affordable

When it comes to eco-friendly options, no other stacker is better than the S series electric stackers. Since these stacks do not use any fossil fuel like gasoline or diesel to operate the machine, they will not emit noises or fumes. Due to these, these stackers are ideal for indoor purposes or uses. Besides, most stackers are operated through or powered by a lithium-ion battery, so no expensive maintenance is needed. Lastly, these stackers are the best choice if you want to save on power bills.


      Time savers and effective

You will be amazed to know that a pallet stacker is the best option to save a significant time in the warehouse. In normal stackers, you will need more time to move stuff but battery-powered options are more time and energy-efficient. Electric stackers can stack multiple pallets at a time, helping you save a lot of time as well as effort. You can even ask the stackers and crusher manufacturers in India about this aspect.


      You may not need a license

Just like several other types of machines available in the transportation and warehouse settings, you may not need a license to operate electric stackers. However, it is advised to check the area/region-specific rules regarding the same to avoid any hassle. Besides, you should also check the safety guidelines for such machines. Lastly, seek the necessary support and training before operating a stacker truck. This way you can avoid the chances of injuries.


      Higher visibility

An electric stacker such as S-series one is smaller in size than the normal forklift. This provides the operators with maximum visibility to ship or move stuff from one spot to another. In addition to this, the availability of no cabs ensures no obstruction. As a result, the chances of workplace accidents will be reduced greatly.


      Space utilization at its best

Currently, electric stackers are the most effective arsenal for a business. While using similar equipment or machines, you might not be able to utilize the warehouse space properly. However, you can eliminate this hassle by consulting an expert and buying an electric pallet stacker. These machines come with easy-to-adjust pallets. Hence, you can obtain outstanding vertical reach through it. This means you will be able to make the best use of the space available in the warehouse.


      Comfortable for the operator

Businesses often overlook the comfort of the operator. However, they do not have to compromise on this if they are choosing electric stackers. These stackers come with a pedestrian and ride-on platform to operate it comfortably even for longer hours. This also ensures efficiency and continuous optimal performance. You will get this benefit with the latest stacker range of Etrack Crushers.



If you think that electric stackers are only restricted to assisting the operator in easy high-shelve stacking or accessing heights. It is also a useful option for transporting goods within shorter as well as longer distances. By using this amazing machine, one can easily enhance the floor efficiency and improve the process of the shop significantly.

The bottom line

Do you want to explore the best range of stackers along with mobile stone crushers in India? If yes, then you should count on the Etrack Crusher. As a prestigious name in the market, they will always offer the most advanced and versatile range of stackers and several other machines and tools. To find out more about the available options, you can visit the website, call them, or directly visit its office address.

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