6 Maintenance Tips for Long-Lasting Zykron Fibre Cement Boards


Fibre cement boards are widely employed in contemporary buildings for both residential and commercial projects. They make trustworthy building materials because of their dependability, resilience to the elements, and adaptability.

The high quality and long-lasting use of Zykron Fibre cement boards are well known. But in order to increase its durability, it must be properly maintained, just like any other building material. The six maintenance suggestions in this article might help your Zykron Fibre cement boards last longer.

1. Consistent cleaning is necessary

Routine cleaning is one of the most crucial components of caring for Zykron Fibre cement board. The board's visual attractiveness may be diminished over time if the surface becomes dirty with particles like dust and filth.

Clean the surface with a soft brush or a low-pressure washer to get rid of any loose dirt and debris to avoid this. Water and a mild detergent should be used for tough stains. Use of abrasive or strong cleaning agents is not recommended since they risk damaging the cement board's protective layer.

2. Inspect it immediately for damage, then fix it.

Zykron is an extremely strong but breakable kind of fibrecement board. It is crucial to frequently check them for any signs of wear or damage if you want to make sure they keep working for a very long time.

Pay attention to any locations where the paint or coating has peeled, cracked, or chipped. The board needs to be protected from water entry, which might gradually weaken its construction. Oftentimes, little adjustments can prevent future larger, more expensive issues.

3. Keep away from wet weather

Zykron Fibre Cement Boards' resistance to moisture is one of its main advantages. Though it's essential to take precautions to prevent prolonged exposure to moisture, this is not always possible.

Make sure the boards are put correctly with adequate flashing and sealing to prevent water from leaking into gaps and seams. Focus in especially on window, door, and vent places where water may easily enter. To keep them waterproof, caulking and sealants around these places should be examined and maintained on a regular basis.

4. Use top-notch paint or finish.

Using a high-quality paint or finish will make your Zykron Fibre Cement Boards last longer and look better. These components not only enhance the building's outside design but also add an extra layer of weatherproofing.

The paint or finish you select should be made particularly for use on cement boards so that it will adhere well and produce long-lasting results. Make sure you use and maintain the product in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

5. Avoid touching the plants

Trees and shrubs can add a beautiful touch of greenery to any home. Putting them too close together might endanger your Zykron Fibre cement board. Particularly tree branches have the potential to scrape the surface and harm it. To avoid any unintentional touch that can result in scratches or abrasions on your cement board exterior, keep trees and bushes at a safe distance and routinely trim them.

6. Reliable, regular inspections

While routine visual inspections by homeowners are crucial, it is also a smart idea to arrange periodic expert inspections. Experienced contractors or siding installers are better able to see possible problems than unskilled eyes.

These professionals are able to evaluate the general condition of your Zykron Fibre cement boards, verify proper installation, and provide recommendations for any needed maintenance or repairs. You may save time and money by having expert inspections performed on a regular basis to help you spot problems early.

Final Overview

People looking for durability and endurance in their building materials can choose Zykron Fibre cement boards. You can keep the good condition of your cement board siding for many years by adhering to these six maintenance tips.

An effective maintenance routine must include regular cleaning, quick fixes, moisture protection, quality paint or coatings, vegetation control, and expert inspections. Keep in mind that maintaining the aesthetic value of your property as well as your investment in it may be done by maintaining the condition of your Zykron Fibre cement boards.

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